Mme. Helena Roerich


Copyright © 2001


Translated from the original Russian into English by

Gleb Drobychev


Burt Wilson


Note: The copyright is on the translation by Drobychev & Wilson





            One of the more dramatic missions in the full life of Nicholas Roerich, the great Russian artist and peace-builder, was to found a new country. This country was to be established in Central Asia and made up of parts of Mongolia, Tibet, Altai and the surrounding regions. It was to be headed spiritually by the Tashi Lama with Roerich as the secular leader.

            The idea came from The Hierarchy, that group of Higher Beings who have transcended the mundane worlds through their self-sacrificing lives and heroic deeds while on the planet Earth and who now reside in the non-physical Supermundane Spheres. Collectively they have been known since time immemorial as "The Invisible Government" and "The Great White Brotherhood" as they work tirelessly for the spiritual evolution of our planet.

            Roerich was a member of this Brotherhood who toiled on Earth in his physical body for the benefit of all humankind. His heroic deeds and efforts to bring peace and beauty to the planet are endless. He and his wife, Mme. Helena Roerich, introduced to the world the Teaching of Agni Yoga or, as it is also termed, The Teaching of Living Ethics.

            The Hierarchal Plan was that this new country would be a Buddhist-oriented nation and serve as an example to the world as to how a country with diverse peoples, codes and creeds could be united in peace and prosperity while working directly with the spiritual principles of the Hierarchy.

            Toward that end, an outline of principles was dictated by The Hierarchy to Roerich’s wife, Mme. Helena Roerich, herself a member of the Brotherhood, whose own mission on earth was to use her entire physical and psychic being to explore and catalog her work with the Higher Spiritual Energies while existing in a physical body. Her notebooks on these experiences exist and will someday, when the world is ready, be published.

            This book of principles was meant for Nicholas Roerich. It was, in a sense, a "handbook of government" laid out by The Hierarchy. As Roerich would be the new nation’s temporal leader, the book would serve as his guide for the building of a nation along the lines of truth and ethics. It was originally called "The Farewell Speech to the Leader" as if it were the last testament of the Hierarchy to a Leader on Earth who would undertake such a heroic mission.

            This book remained secret for many years. It’s principles and plans were considered to be too revolutionary for governments who ruled by hegemony and raw power. Thus the book was treated as if it were contraband and it went underground lest it be discovered and its keepers branded as traitors to this or that regime. Over time, however, archival material has surfaced all over the world and the whole picture is being pieced together. This is the first time it has been published in English and in the United States.

            Our purpose here is to reveal the book of principles, not the story behind it. The book speaks for itself. It is a mine of luminous thought on the subject of government and many of the paragraphs can be directly applied to events now happening in the 21st Century. Some of the principles may appear to be old-fashioned in today’s world, yet their essence is pure truth. Remember, it was written for a new nation of peoples who, while they may have been uneducated by today’s standards, yet had an inherent spiritual nature which could naturally respond to the Higher Themes presented here--just as we all seek the Light.

            We hope you enjoy this book as much as we have enjoyed the privilege of translating it.


                                                                        --Gleb Drobychev

                                                                           Burt Wilson








     The prosperity and well‑being of a nation are usually connected to the rise of a single individual. There are many examples of this in history, not only in politics but in other fields as well. The public, in its short‑sightedness, relates this phenomenon to the person himself. But those with true spiritual knowledge understand that such national heroes become so only because The Hierarchy has chosen to focus its great power on them. Nevertheless, the person himself must be worthy of such focus and possess, either knowingly or unknowingly, the kind of fiery nature that will make communication with the Hierarchy easier. For the person to be really effective, the people of a nation must also be able to sense this great power in him/her and trust it. Thus, by means of this fiery structure, great things may be accomplished for all. The growth of a nation around a fiery Leader is a frequent occurrence and it proves that a link with the Hierarchy is a necessary element for such development. In all truth, there is no other way.





1. The Leader stands continually on the edge of an abyss or at a fork in the road and therefore must know how to contain opposites in order to make the right move. The ability to contain opposites is the true mark of the born leader because the threads of victory are always woven between the invisible boundaries of right and wrong. Every day, each hour, these scattered threads converge upon the Leader. One thread may portend the path to an heroic achievement; the other may lead to some disastrous plan. The difference between them may be so subtle that they will be difficult to tell apart, but there, headed in the right direction, will stand The Leader with his Sword of Truth. Only The Leader can unravel the subtle differences between the two paths and make the right choice. The path of The Leader is truly a narrow one; a continual razor's edge between courage and severity. Only the heart of The Leader will know where these boundaries are. This ability to contain opposites is found not only in the Highest Counsels of The Hierarchy, but also in all of life, therefore no decision can be considered too great or too small for The Leader. He must apply the same incisive decision‑making to everything so that a sense of justice will always prevail. Even if he might not always ask for advice from others, he will listen to all wise counsels. A Leader will never wait to act until it is too late and he will never delay action. He has the advantage of appearing unexpectedly and he knows precisely the time to act. He does not get upset over slander but he is attentive to all constructive criticisms. He is incorruptible because he is not out to reap mundane riches. He knows the value of sound and color as much as a doctor knows the human heart. He knows the ultimate victory of Truth and therefore cannot be taken in by the world of illusion. The way of The Leader is the way of Truth.


2. The Leader is not disposed to tolerate the onset of depression because he knows that a poisoned atmosphere will affect even a very strong consciousness, therefore he relies on the indomitable support given him by The Hierarchy. The leader cannot be successful without this saving link. Any Leader who has undertaken the task of carrying out a great mission for the benefit of humanity must form such a link with the Fiery Worlds. In order to fulfill his mission, he must be sustained by the fiery emanations of these Higher Worlds. He must be in constant contact with The Hierarchy in order to determine which indications are real and which may be just illusions. Many useful observations can be destroyed through the misunderstanding of what is real and what is illusion. People who tend to be superstitious oftentimes become apprehensive over a small thing such as the penetrating gaze of a Leader, but The Leader must remain above all superstitions and prejudices. The daily life of any person will change dramatically for the better when he disdains all prejudices, biases and traditional responses. The Leader knows that those who judge solely by earthly measures create a very difficult karma for themselves.

3. People will envy The Leader, but they know precious little of the extent of the burden he carries on his shoulders. This is why a wise old woman once shed bitter tears when everyone else was rejoicing in The Leader's victory. When asked why she was crying and whether her tears were tears of joy like the others', she replied, "I cry because I have compassion for him."


4. Some people may ask why we speak about a Leader and not a ruler? There is a great difference between the two. A ruler simply governs the status quo while a Leader always strives boldly into the future. The Leader does not consider his inherited domain as something completed, so his every action is directed forward. A ruler views his domain as something already constructed and finished, but a Leader looks ahead and seeks to bring his people to the peak of perfection. If the burden of a ruler is big, the responsibility of a Leader is even bigger. A Leader has to continually distinguish between sham and sincerity. He must be able to weed out those who act from the virtue of their heart from those who are simply obsequious. Thus a leader who valiantly seeks to fulfill his courageous task will soon find that The Hierarchy has woven Its Will throughout his.


Most people are aware that King David consulted the Higher Forces. He went straight to the Source so he could avoid unnecessary mistakes. There are a lot of similar examples in the histories of nations. We all know them and it is not even necessary to go far back into ancient times to find them. In even the most modern events it is possible to find signs of Leaders who have cooperated with the Hierarchal concept of Great Service. The most important requisite for such cooperation is a pure heart. Nothing impure can be a part of this link with The Hierarchy, therefore the principle characteristic of The Leader will be that of purity of heart. Not only in his actions but also in his thoughts will a Leader bring blessings to the nations and people with which he comes in contact. He knows instinctively that his charge is to bring a Full Chalice of Heart Energy to his task. He never deviates from his entrusted path and he will never spill a drop of the Chalice, therefore The Leader always carries the Banner of the Future.


5. We must understand how much people need the conception of a Leader. In their sub‑conscious minds he will be their imagined link with whatever they consider to be the Highest. They intuitively understand how necessary it is to have such a link and so they look for it in a Leader. A Leader simply cannot proceed without this confidence. If such confidence is hampered by mundane appearances‑‑by gossip, slander and negative thinking‑‑The Leader will be forced to retreat. However when such confidence is present, the pure aspiration of a Leader will resonate throughout the land and he will become a valiant force for good.


6. Of course, every Leader will meet various obstacles on his path which are bound to add to his already heavy karma. This is unavoidable. Traditional tactics alone will not overcome these new difficulties. Only his link with the Highest will see him through. Why must a Leader take on this excessive burden if he is linked to the Higher Forces? Because he knows any additional karma will be neutralized by the Higher Forces if his contact with Them remains constantly strong. Thus he has to set himself free from all habitual thinking and reprogram his will to strengthen his link. It is necessary to become accustomed to this kind of relationship and make it a part of life. A Leader must also disdain all thoughts of vengeance because this is a purely animalistic feeling. A true Leader has no time for vengeance because he is always moving forward. The Leader also knows that if he diverts his forces, it will have a devastating effect on the accumulated energy of forward motion. Everyone at sometime or another looks up for support from the Highest when they are striving towards Truth, but anyone who doubts that such Higher Truth exists will never find it and will be left behind in the desolation of mundane thinking.


7. An impenetrable armor can be manufactured of the hardest metals, but the best armor will always be the Flame of the Chalice. Can a Leader achieve his fiery destiny without his fiery armor? How else can he deflect all the arrows of anger and swords of hate directed at him? Many leaders have felt in their hearts that they at one time or another have been saved by their fiery armor. It is possible to write entire books about the magnetism of the destined Leader. It should be understood that it is this invisible magnetism and not just a handsome appearance, a voice rich in timbre or access to huge amounts of money, that is so convincing. Above all such attributes one must still speak about the fire of the heart. Indeed, this magnetic shield accomplishes two purposes‑‑to attract and defend. As it was said by The Hierarchy, "I will accept all the arrows into my shield." However, it is necessary to forge this shield oneself. This can only be done when it is realized that it is truly sent from Above. How many fiery thoughts and transmissions have to come to pass before such a link can be formed and the fiery armor forged? Not a minute or an hour or a day must be lost in transfiguring one's fiery link into a living flame.


A senseless perception exists that in embracing science one becomes alienated from the Highest Worlds. Not so. Science may propose new names for natural phenomena, but nothing in the realm of science can change the fundamental nature of the triune essence‑‑body, soul and Spirit. The Leader especially can intuit this essence. He may not be able to find words for it, but he will feel it in his heart. This feeling comes from an inner universal understanding of life and is the only way such miraculous armor can be obtained.


8. A Leader knows that the forces of darkness are his main enemy. A Leader knows that the struggle against them is merciless. A Leader knows the artful tricks of darkness and he has two principle weapons to use against his opponents. The first one is vigilance, evidenced by his dignified bearing. The second one is his link with the Invincible Forces of Light. It is no small feat to be constantly aware of all the horrors of darkness because one cannot just turn away and hide from them. However The Leader constantly feels the Guiding Hand and this feeling comes to him both during battle or in a brief respite of Bliss. A Leader will readily recognize such signs of Bliss. A Leader has to bring as much Light as possible to people so they can begin to comprehend what is really going on in life because it is their bewilderment over the origins of life that is the cause of their confusion. True, the origins of life itself are somewhat confusing and beg comprehension, so the best language possible must be used to dispel such confusion.


9. A Leader has to know how to encourage others and to uncover their real skills. He has to give all people tasks which are appropriate to their talents. He will praise all for their contributions and thus build a garden of gratitude because he knows that gratitude is a bridge to the Highest World.


10. Determination and co‑measurement lie deep within the heart of a Leader, but this knowledge does not come from within. It is the Leader's link with the Hierarchy of Light that gives him the strength of purpose needed to strive fearlessly into the future. You have heard about various Leader's accurate predictions of the future. Such knowledge only comes when the Highest Spiritual Gates are open. How can a Leader see a propitious time to do something if he does not see the direction of the stream of events? Will anybody understand that which is seen by a Leader? Will the arrogance of the people place themselves above everything else first? People of lower consciousness will never completely understand a Leader's determination to strive toward the Light. Only an enlightened consciousnesses can ever know about the link with the Hierarchy of the Light.


11. When a person forges an inner link with the Hierarchy, it acts precisely according to the law of magnetism. Such a link may be very understandable to a highly‑educated priest or scientist, but its workings are not generally known to all people. So, you may ask, what does this have to do with the people choosing a proper Leader? People choose leaders in the same manner that a vibratory rate affects grains of sand on a drumhead. Watching the rhythmic patterns of the sand develop, it is possible to see some grains gravitate rapidly into different patterns even though the overall rhythmic pattern doesn't change. In fact, all the different patterns and various combinations simply combine to make one larger, overall arrangement. Magnetic attraction is the key. As it is said in the Ancient Wisdom, "Fiery Heart, hasten to find the rhythm of cosmos and help me create a beautiful pattern of Being."


12. Is it possible to call a person a "tyrant" even though he appreciates the value of friendliness? Is it possible to use that same word for a person who encourages cooperation? Is it possible to use that word for a person who strives toward Higher Knowledge? Is it possible to use that word for a person who is positive and creative? Is it possible to use that word for a person who strives toward self‑perfection? Unfortunately, people of lower consciousness are apt to use such language in the cases just described because they are afraid to recognize the language of Light. However, these are small things and don't really disturb the path of a Leader because they are readily consumed in his fiery heart. It takes a special inner conditioning of the heart to be able to recognize the signs of the Future. That's why the link with the Hierarchy is the only thing which will establish and maintain a direct course toward Light. Who will find the strength to look at the Shining of the Light if his eyes don't know the brilliance of the Hierarchal Ladder of Ascension?


13. There is a spiritual magnetic attraction established between an enlightened Leader and his nation/homeland. This concept may be lost at times in the dynamic flow of events, but the Leader's link with the Hierarchy will always afford the possibility of enriching the spiritual consciousness of the people of his homeland. Whereas ordinary people see their homeland as the be‑all, end‑all of their consciousness, the Leader sees the homeland as the starting point of the path to Infinity. Is it possible to lose site of one's homeland by comparing it to Infinity? On the contrary, every transport of the spirit into the future is a sign of the great mobility of heart of The Leader.



14. To always aspire to help is the sign of the true Leader. How many wonderful possibilities occur from this noble wish. Many other high‑minded aspirations may become muddled over time because of personal mundane passions, but a desire to help will always be a real sign of selflessness


15. A Nation whose people find joy in their work have a right to expect that a Leader will respect their labor. Therefore a Leader must continually demonstrate to them his understanding of the value of work. A Leader must be able to recognize the value of all contributions‑‑mental, creative and physical. Work should be a joy to people, thus an enlightened Leader will provide a variety of informative demonstrations and lectures about the value of work in order to reassure people that their efforts are not in vain.


A nation which finds joy in work will not have any retirees (however it will always be necessary to look after the care of the ill and disabled) because it is improbable to speak about retirement when workers do not become exhausted because their work is a joy. Nothing should prohibit anyone from working, however a person's work should correspond with, and be appropriate to, his natural abilities. A Leader should certainly establish a council of scientists who will formulate enlightened decisions on this matter without the common superstitions and prejudices of joyless workers. And the Leader himself must take the responsibility of preventing people of lower consciousness and servants of darkness from serving on such a council.


It is highly improbable to think that people's work can be controlled by the forces of self‑interest. Work is a measure of the quality of consciousness in that one can always improve his work, thus work can be the vehicle that leads one to self‑perfection. Therefore work will be like a Banner of Spirit which leads people to joy and good health. Thus, a Leader, first of all, is not only a champion of the work ethic, but also knows how to rejoice in work himself


16. Everywhere you see people today who shout: "Down with all Leaders, down with all Teachers, down with all spiritual counselors!" People who make such statements are simply parasites who love to feed off the very confusion and decay they help create. The nature of a parasite is to deceive people and plant seeds of doubt in their minds. They want to appear to be of the working people, but they secretly desire to amass riches and live in luxury. Thus it is necessary to distinguish by their essential natures those who are the builders from those who are the destroyers. Anyone who finds joy in work can be counted upon to be steadfast and truthful. They know about spiritual counselors and respect Teachers because their essential nature strives toward cooperation


17. Miracles do indeed happen! One can find an enormous amount of rational elements that form the basis of the sudden appearance of a miracle. However the centuries of preparation of the different combinations of energies which unite to produce a miracle frequently are disrupted by stupid negativity and spiritual blindness. This will always cause what could have been a great experience to collapse and perish.


18. The equal rights of both sexes and of all nations are the fundamental principles of a State. A Leader has to take responsibility for keeping these essential foundations safe from corruption. No artificial concepts should be allowed to impede that which is everywhere confirmed by Nature.

19. A swift legal justice system will provide a sense of well‑being for the people. It is a Leader's responsibility to make sure the administration of Justice is quick and effective. Judges should have to pass tests not only on their knowledge of the law, but also on their knowledge and understanding of the spiritual nature of the human heart. It is possible to gather together a team of various experts to testify as to the value of these important considerations, but the judge himself should, first of all, have an enlightened consciousness. A Leader must also be able to validate the consciousness of his judges. Swift and direct Justice is a manifestation of a State's nobility.


20. It is not necessary for the public to know a Leader's complete daily schedule, because people should expect him to arrive at any moment with help and encouragement. Nobody will ever refuse to see a Leader whether he arrives at dawn or at midnight. The Leader will always choose to arrive unexpectedly and will wear distinctive clothing and be accompanied by diverse companions.


21. A Leader not only takes care of the physical health of his nation, but he also reinforces its spiritual power. He understands the necessity of the freedom of spiritual beliefs. He will even form a council of wise philosophers to assure that individual religious freedom is not violated because such freedom constitutes the wings of a nation.


22. Two different kinds of monetary units are needed in the New World. One of them should be for national circulation and the other for foreign circulation. The national currency should be used for the development of national industries in the form of cooperatives. This same currency can also be used for the exchanges of goods and services within a nation. The quantity of national currency should not be limited, but determined by a country's production of goods and services.


In time, every resident of a country can have three sources of income available to him. The first will be from international currency. Such income can be increased through the assignment of special tasks approved by the State. The second will be that of national currency obtained through working in a cooperative. The third will come from the direct exchange of various personal goods, products and services.


23. The education of a nation's people should begin at the earliest age possible. The earlier the better. There is no such thing as overworking the brain, only a lack of coordination of the thought processes. Every mother begins her own child's education when she first approaches the cradle of her child and whispers, "You can do anything." There is no need for prohibitions. It is better not to forbid even the most harmful thing, but instead transfer the child's attention to something good and attractive. That education which attracts the attention of the child's will is far better than that which focuses on corporeal punishment. One must take care not to cripple a child's most beautiful characteristics for what appears to be childish foolishness. We should never humiliate our children. Remember that a true scientific process is always appealing, brief, direct and beautiful. It is also necessary that the adult members of a family have at least a rudimentary understanding of the educational process. Usually after the age of three a child's mind begins to comprehend things. This is an ideal time to draw a child's attention to the existence of space and far‑off worlds. Thus a young eye will have no problem beginning to sense the Infinitude of Being. Indeed, young consciousnesses should begin early to become accustomed to accepting the concept of Infinity, because after the age of seven a lot is already lost.


It is also necessary that each spoken word express an exact thought. This will help banish falsehoods, rudeness and sarcasm. Betrayal is, of course, unacceptable at any age. It is important to encourage children to take part in "grown‑ups" work. Before the age of three a consciousness will easily accept the concept of cooperation. Try not to let a child become accustomed to having "personal" toys and the child will come to understand how things can be held in common. A child who proclaims "I am able to do anything" is not bragging; he is just realizing the potential of his being. Even the most poverty‑stricken child will be able to find a direct route to higher consciousness when he discovers that the daily improvement of the quality of work is all it takes to open the gates to Infinity.


24. The concept of the equality of the male and female principles should be taught to children beginning in grade school. No specialized work should be imposed on a child before he is able to discover all of his talents. Specialization should only occur at the college level. It is detrimental to children to have their education constricted before they can find out in which directions their personalities are disposed. Co‑educational schooling is very beneficial to young people because it will eliminate any predisposed attitudes toward sexual inequality


25. It is necessary to regularly review school curriculums in order to assure that the subjects being taught are relevant to the changing level of knowledge. A lack of real knowledge can foster irrational beliefs which can lead to disastrous ends. All curriculum corrections should be made immediately, otherwise a generation of half‑educated people will be produced and cause yet another shame to be added to our planet. It is particularly necessary to strengthen a broader comprehension of the meaning of the natural sciences to include subtle and unseen phenomena. Biology, astrophysics and chemistry are attractive to children's mental processes at an early age. We should certainly give children an early opportunity to think. Also, primary school programs can begin at a much earlier age and should teach established, as opposed to "simplified," knowledge. These suggestions should be implemented as soon as possible.


26. It is necessary to remove all outdated subjects from schools. The ancient languages can be elective courses. Instead, it is necessary to implement a study of general linguistics. Visual teaching should especially be developed in the areas of the natural sciences, geography, all applied knowledge and for all courses in creativity. It is also necessary to begin spiritual discourses on different religions, but always taking into account a pupil's local preferences. There should be no difference between the curriculums of schools based on their location, i.e., whether in small villages or big cities. Exclusive and restrictive schools should be eliminated. The same opportunities should be granted to all through unified programs in primary, secondary and high schools and even universities, however the curriculums should be adapted to include national cultures and traditions.


Pay particular attention to the primary school. At the primary school level the curriculum should be co‑educational until the age of ten. A secondary school education is for children from 10 to 16 years old, but, of course, it should be according to their talents and abilities. Between the ages of 10 and 16 boys and girls should be educated separately. All examinations should be abolished, but everyone should have to create some kind of original work. Even a seven‑year‑old child should be able to demonstrate his worth. In this manner it will be easier to recognize one's primary talents. School buildings should also be of the most beautiful design.

Spiritual talks should take place in special rooms where there are images of all the founders of great religions. It is also necessary to take the utmost care to see that a student's individuality of spirit is not harmed. All political discussions should be excluded from religious discussions. Summer encampments are very useful. All military schools should be abolished, but there is a place for a military type of discipline in the schools. The Military Academies will continue to be necessary for those who wish to devote themselves to the military service. Such academies should be equal in quality to any university. People who enter a Military Academy should be released from compulsory military service, because they have chosen such as their life, but all others should have to serve a specified period of time in National Service. Women should be able to take part in all the municipal services.


27. The task of every school should be to direct a person's consciousness towards the future. A consciousness which is transferred from the present to the future will act like a magnet, leading others into the future. Thus all consciousnesses will strive into the future. Many people want to only think about the future from time to time, always returning to bask in the past. Sporadic thinking about the future is definitely not the path to the future. One must have a consciousness continually tuned to the key of the future. It is not possible to perform this transformation by force. The only way it can really be achieved is through the inner development of a great love for the future. Not many people actually love the future, but a country which finds joy in work and seeks to perfect the quality of all things will display a natural tendency towards the future. The chief responsibility of a Leader will be to direct his nation into the future.


28. The process of the evolution of a planet and its people should be explained in schools in a very visual and entertaining manner. It should be explained that all nations have their beginnings in this process and that each one occupies his present position according to the nature of his essential being. This will give credence to a belief in Higher Justice (Karma) as something based on the integrity of thought and action. World evolutionary processes will then become a system of very practical explanations. The Leader himself will have the responsibility to see that the great evolutionary paths of nations aren't distorted by senseless chauvinism.

Everyone should have knowledge of the real value of their own nation in the great scheme of things. However, such knowledge should not be presented as if one's homeland were a lonely tree growing in the desert, but as a part of an international cooperation between a multitude of nations.


29. Every act of unification, whether personal or national, is realized only through the process of cooperation. If the dark elements of conquest, suppression or humiliation become involved in any way, these disgusting shadows will, sooner or later, cause the destruction of any union. Neither can violence be a part of any construction or cooperative union. There is great joy to be found in the power of cooperation, but it will necessitate a fundamental change in the art of thinking.


How are various personnel assigned to productive work? Only by people who have imagination and are familiar with the art of cooperation. One has to first be able to imagine such cooperative work, but frequently even the imagination needs to be educated. One of the essential tasks of all schools will be to teach students the nature and process of imagination.


30. Strikes which are conceived in order to destroy the production process at cooperatives are inadmissible. Such madness should only occur in nations that are in the earliest, rudimentary states of development. Today, humanity should be developed enough to understand that a resolution of conflicts can take place through reasonable negotiations. In such conferences, all deplorable conditions need to be urgently disclosed. All hidden enmities should be voiced otherwise true cooperation will be out of the question. The forces of reason must come together in agreement in order to avoid any chance of a catastrophe. If spiritual understanding can be applied to the material problems at hand, a harmonious resolution can be easily achieved.


31. Aside from working Cooperatives there will also be a need for a League of Culture. It should be clearly understood that there is no impassable border between a business cooperative and a League of Culture. In every school and in every commercial establishment there will certainly be a circle of people who are striving for spiritual perfection. These circles should be recognized nationally as the League of Culture. Various teams of traveling spiritual mentors can be formed who will visit the different League chapters and bring to them the joy of spiritual knowledge.

Governments should support the establishment of a variety of mentor teams composed of specialists in different fields. Normally such mentors will work most of the year in their own cooperatives and spend part of their vacation time traveling to different communities to teach their specialties. It is very important for these mentors to have different specialties, because only in this manner can they synthesize and relate the latest discoveries and achievements to different fields of life.


It is especially important to support the efforts of children in their striving to the improvement of all life. Prizes can be awarded to young inventors, but should not be limited to just mechanical inventions. Improvements can come from any direction and should even be found in such intellectual fields as philosophy. By this means the consciousness of a nation will not fall into lethargy. All potential improvements, however, should be positive and practical in nature. A nation cannot flower if it only lurches along in continuous thralldom to passing fads.


32. One can see how differently the paradigms of construction proceed. Once it was said: "Give up everything!" Now that has changed to: "Go ahead and take everything, but do not consider it as your own!"


Even a simple‑minded person can understand how it is impossible to take material things with oneself when one passes on. Since, every created thing begins first of all with a thought, all things in life are made with the participation of the human spirit. Therefore, there should be no conflict between the material and the spiritual. We all admire the flowers of nature, thus we can also admire the purpose of the spirit which actually constitutes the real flowering of humanity. The only thing to be pitied is when the quality of something produced is imperfect.


33. It is good to understand how to distribute things without a feeling of ownership. It is good to have things and to maintain them and especially to surround them with the aura of being so they can be passed on to others in good condition. The miracle of the hand of creation works and lives in the house where there is no attachment to ownership but instead the concept of passing things along in a better or improved condition. In such a home the sign of the giving hand will be maintained continuously and this in itself will be the vindication of such exemplary labor. A complete understanding of this process will answer many of life's difficult questions. This needs to be expressed now because the primary evil in the world today stems from the attachment to and the ownership of material things. Explaining this to a nation will even help remove the fear of old age.


The acceptance of the concept of possessing things without ownership will open a new path of thinking to everyone, even those without a family inheritance. This new concept will be: he is deserving of things who can improve them. This will also be true when it comes to land, forests, lakes and streams. All mechanical achievements and inventions of different kinds should also be subject to the same rule. From this standpoint it will be easy to imagine how people's creative work will be linked with a new attitude of spiritual awareness. The question "how to do it better?" will reach out to everyone's spirit and bring to an end the kind of common cleverness which seeks only to own and control. It is truly advantageous to all to try to improve all things. This is a simple principle, just as are all spiritual principles.


34. When there occurs a conflict over a family inheritance the judgment concerning who gets what can, even though the ancient laws of possession have been abolished, come from a legal administrator who will assign certain things to certain people for a test period of three years. Therefore the inheritance will automatically be transformed into a cooperative endeavor by the inheritors. It is certainly possible to appoint specially trained administrators and commission them to periodically review the quality of work being done. It is very useful to promote the concept of periodic testing in work until people understand the nature of testing, i.e., it occurs constantly in the consciousness of all people in all areas of life. In the meantime, everything will be tested for its quality and with such tests will come the understanding of the concept of the improvement of all work.


35. Striving for true cooperation in all areas of life constitutes the very foundation of evolution. Therefore the forming of Cooperatives is the key to the emancipation of spirit. The only successful way to abolish the path of incompetence is to create a better way of doing things. Although new ways of doing things will take time to work efficiently and some first attempts may prove to be completely wrong, the joyous current of the creation of a better life will sweep down even the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. It is much better to discover security for all through cooperatives than to seek one's future in speculation in the stock market.


36. It is not good to live on the income from investments. This is a corruption of the profit motive. It is far better to make one's living in the production and exchange of things. The actual exchange of money should only be accommodated when the money will be put back into circulation immediately


The Earth has become poisoned from the practice of gambling on the stock market, therefore it is necessary to put an end to all acts of speculation. Each epoch in history has its own plague and our present epoch is afflicted with the plague of speculation. Do not think that speculation has always existed on this planet. It's appearance was actually a sign of an essential change for the worse in human evolution. Since it cannot come to an end gradually it should be summarily eliminated as an evolutionary necessity.


37. The concept of welfare should also come to an end. Simply giving out money will never end the problem of joblessness. Help should be given in the form of work or the distribution of surplus materials. A nation cannot proceed on the path of spirit and cooperation as long as joblessness is an issue. People need to strive to perfect their mundane lives as well as their spiritual natures. People can then demonstrate through their changed lives that the blessings of the search for perfection are not abstract, but a working reality.


38. Most people think of their work only as something which affords them time to rest and provides funds for amusements. In order to understand the true nature of work, it will be necessary to abrogate many so‑called amusements. The best way to learn the true nature of work will begin with the understanding that the products of science and the arts are for education, too, and not purely for amusement. Most places of amusement simply encourage spiritual coarseness. Let the development of education displace the dens of fools hanging around a bar with a glass of beer. Additionally, vulgarity of speech should also come to an end. Likewise, the idea that people should be interested only in their own narrow specialties is not good for evolution.


39. Let us learn to respect The Leader through a broader comprehension of his work. Let us view the manifestation of a Leader as one who keeps his spiritual flame burning through both good and bad times. The Leader's fire must be inextinguishable. The Teaching of life cannot be interrupted by tiredness or grief. The heart of a Leader beats according to the accomplishments of the nation. He knows no panic and the phrase "I am afraid" is not in his vocabulary. His light shines constantly and his leadership lights the collective consciousness of the nation.

The hands of a Leader know no rest. The head of a Leader is weighty with affairs of state. The Leader always finds the strength of resolve. The Leader's inner power overcomes all the weaknesses of others. It will always find new possibilities right at the brink of defeat. It builds strongholds at the frontier where others are thinking of retreat. It waves a banner in the face of the enemy. It observes a day of labor as a day of rest. It looks upon all disputes as merely dust at the threshold. It sets aside personal feelings amidst everyday work. For the Leader, a miracle is only the timely resolution of a previously well‑laid plan. And decisiveness for the Leader comes as easily as eating a meal!


40. A Leader sets four cornerstones into the foundation of his actions. The first one is love for the Hierarchy. The second is a realization of the unity of all things. The third is a sense of Hierarchal commensurateness in all his work. The fourth is the constant application of the canon "By Thy God."


41. The Leader is distinguished by the very nature of his independence. Not only is his spirit disciplined, but there is also a special quality to his mundane actions. The Leader is not given to grieve too much. The Leader does not count on others too much. Neither does the Leader expect too much of others. The Leader always replaces a complicated plan with a more simple one, never vice‑versa. That is because it is the custom of the enemy to replace the simple with the complicated.


42. It is necessary to maintain a disciplined spirit. One cannot become truly free without it. A disciplined spirit will be a jail for many, but it will be a beautiful and healing garden for those who value freedom


A person who understands discipline of the spirit will understand the salutary course of the Fiery Energies and will thus arrive at the concept of cooperation for the Common Good. The end of his path will be illuminated by the thousands of fires he has lit for the Common Good.


43. It is difficult to compose a clear and short command, but such a command is much stronger than any wizard's magic. It is easy to make a statement, but a command is like a pillar of fire which shoots up unexpectedly from a volcano. There is a strong feeling of personal responsibility in any command. An essence of limitless power can be heard in a command. The whole evolution of Cosmos can be seen in the austerity of a command. Forget the useless tears of worship and adoration. More appropriate is the flame of indignation of the spirit!

Regrets are like a dam, but wings grow at the tip of the sword of truth!


44. Take heed that all decrees are well prepared beforehand so they can gradually enter into the consciousness of a nation. Without the cooperation of those who carry it out, a command will be like the flight of an arrow against the wind. Certainly the unexpectedness of a command will be necessary because it helps to keep people's attention focused on the nature of the command and this will overcome any secretly held prejudices against it. Thus people will be able to more easily accept it.


A Leader knows how to cultivate cooperation not only in actions, but in thinking. Only after a co‑worker displays his ability to think in a collaborative manner is it possible to let him proceed on his own. The very nature of an assigned mission invokes an obligation to think and act creatively. Cooperative thinking will carry the striving ones over the abyss of failure.


45. It is always good to encourage people of spirit. If the truth were told we would find that one's inner, spiritual impulses are lifted by encouragement and it thus serves not only that person's individual striving, but also helps others around him to renew their spiritual energies. Every Leader should know not only how to assign responsibility, but also how to bless and encourage people. The latter is the most difficult, but a Leader will know how to encourage others by taking into account their individual needs, thus positively reinforcing their will. The result will be an atmosphere of blessed cooperation. Even the blessings of ministers and priests will not carry the highest measure of spirituality if the surrounding energies are antagonistic. Care should therefore be taken that all hearts are positively reinforced with the highest aspirations.


46. A good Leader always discloses real danger. Only with a full and complete knowledge of the task at hand it is possible to meet it. Indeed, a Leader has to act without fear and, for the most part, by himself. The concept of a Leader always accepting personal responsibility is correct. Neither miracles nor speeches nor quotations from sacred books will help. Personal example is the most convincing action. Even an error made in daring is more correctable than a yielding to senseless muttering! Any action which can achieve an objective without the use of equipment or warriors is invaluable! However, whomever discovers such a valuable procedure should not broadcast it through the streets because the dark forces can bring harm to even the best advantage.


The Leader is surrounded by Fire; he is as unmovable as a mountain; he is ready to strike as swiftly as an arrow. Who but the Leader would dare to profess that obstacles actually provide the quickest path to success! Popular dreams about Heaven as a place of rest and idleness are boring! Thus the Leader advances, clothed in the armor of personal responsibility.

Good luck is only present where extreme courage is displayed. It is doubt and hesitation that bind one with fear.


47. A doctor will foresee the course of an illness and we will readily accept his advice. An astronomer will foresee a solar eclipse and we will make sure our lamps are in good working condition. A social scientist will foresee a dreadful course of events and we will start referring to him as a "prophet" and go hide from his forecast in even the most foul‑smelling places. We like to convince ourselves that we take such actions in the name of science, but that is the biggest hypocrisy of all. Rather should we stop and think clearly about where true knowledge comes from? Does it lie in the shortsighted opinion of the doctor who only makes an external examination or does it lie in the farsighted accuracy of the social scientist whose depth and breadth of experience bestow a sense of integrity and correctness to his conclusions? Actually it is a country's social scientists who keep track of the events of humanity and thus preparing them to make remarkable predictions the future. We don't refer to them as mystics or hypocrites. We refer to them as farsighted social scientists. We even agree that this is, in fact, a good definition. So let us remember that the ancient word "prophet" actually means "foretelling." Since a true Leader is also able to foretell the course of events, his knowledge is no less real than a credentialed doctor's or an experienced astronomer's.


48. Observe the parameters of seismic actions. They are limited neither by latitude nor longitude, but only by the extent of their own inherent energy. At certain times the activity of the shock waves and the shifts of the ground will coincide with the tension of so‑called "sun spots" which themselves are a result of the tension of the entire solar system. One does not have to be a prophet to understand that all mental activity will become quite exceptional during these times.

The parameters of the evolution of society are similarly unlimited. Caution should also be observed so as not to interrupt the natural course of events. Cracks and shifts, whether in the soil or in national aspiration, can have similar consequences. A Leader of the people must always be on the crest of new horizons. The introduction of the New World must proceed with all the sensitiveness of the best seismograph.


Anyone who interferes with the natural evolution of a nation should have to wear a dunce cap on his head. Ignorance of Cosmic Laws is no excuse and it would be wholly ignorant for a Leader to direct a nation on an evolutionary path and then somehow turn and proceed in the opposite direction. Cosmic Laws do not exist to be broken because of personal whims. Only by assessing the values of the Common Good can one choose the quickest and most direct path. It is necessary not to scatter a single possibility to the winds.

No matter how simple a truth may seem, if it is seen as alien to one's natural thought processes, it will not be put into action. Thus even the most brilliantly‑conceived plans will be left to stagnate in darkness. It is always necessary to observe something not as one would like it to be, but precisely in its own context of reality.


49. An architect has to know how to correctly design the walls of a house. If the walls are out of proportion, the house will be without symmetry‑‑ugly. What good is it to create for a giant a building which is suited to a flea? Would you also compare a whirlwind with the flight of a mosquito?


A similar lack of commensurability in life produces all kinds of ugly manifestations which can lead ultimately to destruction and even blasphemy, falsehood and betrayal.

The full commensurability of thought and action is a truly  invincible combination that forms within one a stronghold of truth and beauty. It is surprisingly easy to conduct one's life without the use of exaggeration or diminution.


A Leader must continually observe his co‑workers in order to make sure their actions correspond to their beliefs. The very foundation of cooperation between people depends upon this.

There is great beauty in the correspondence of truth and meaning. Is it not ugly to imagine a giant living in a doghouse or an eagle flying like a hen?


Frequently the best possibilities for constructive actions are destroyed by incommensurate thinking. Such senseless destruction could have been easily avoided by even a small measure of thought and attention during the initial formative process.


50. What is the fundamental cause of all the suffering in the world? A lack of commensurateness in thought and action. If such a concordance cannot be maintained in life, one's strength of purpose will be destroyed, therefore one should always act with resolve. The resoluteness of the Leader should extend to the ends of space. His is not the kind of resolve which is just comfortable and agreeable to his nature, but extends to the limits of his spiritual strength. Therefore it is impossible to stop the successes of the spiritually‑oriented Leader. All should take note and apply such thinking to themselves.


51. Besides commensurateness, it is essential to have an understanding of necessity. The last test will be that of necessity, i.e., every person should be questioned as to what he or she considers to be of the utmost necessity at a particular given time. The quality of one's immediate response will be a measure of one's consciousness.


It will be asked, "with what should every action begin?" Of course, with that which is most necessary, because every moment has its own necessity and it demands right action.

Even a charging horse, by feeling with the tip of its foot, knows what stone it must first step upon. Therefore if one thinks in terms of mobility, commensurateness and necessity it will produce the most desired audacious effect.


52. Be aware that any degree of usefulness can change. After all, the degrees of usefulness are equal to the number of leaves on a tree.


53. There are events and conditions which repeat from time to time and possibilities which only come around once in life. It is necessary to be able to distinguish that which repeats from that which will never come around again. Sometimes we are able to postpone our everyday work. But when we realize that some possibilities are the result of the laws of cosmic evolution we must act immediately. Any condition of a cosmic nature is unrepeatable. Even the changing of the guard follows a definite order, thus so is a cosmic opportunity part of an unchangeable order of events. A hunter goes hunting not when he has nothing else to do, but when the conditions are right to catch something.


54. A heroic achievement doesn't necessarily mean that one has to give up anything, but it does require the ability to maneuver adroitly and accommodate all necessary conditions. So when it is written that someone has "given up" something, it only means that he has demonstrated the ability to be adaptable. The meaning of "giving up" is very close to the meaning of forbiddance, but to be adaptable shows a fine discernment of understanding. When a Leader accepts the grandeur of the construction of the future, then nothing can stop his spiritual growth. Loyalty to the spiritual ideals of the future is the distinct quality of a very high order of spirit and the manifestation of the success of a heroic achievement is truly an acquisition of inner joy. Thus the ideal of heroic achievement can always be developed because if one begins with small selfless deeds it will lead one ultimately to larger ones.


We should always strive for the future out of the ashes of the present. Know that it is not necessary to give up anything, but to accumulate patience in all areas of life.


55. It is necessary to avoid the influence of public opinion on one's life. Public opinion forms prejudices so strong that even the best people see the world as overburdened with storm‑clouds. Anyone who wants to reach the New Country must leave all prejudices behind because entrance is only by the new path.


In order to maintain a harmonious community, it is necessary to construct projects according to the needs of local conditions. If there are one hundred different languages in a community, then it is necessary to understand one hundred different psychologies. A single monolithic unity for everybody evokes the image of a dictator. It is a unity of diversity which yields the best results.

56. When even the most reliable plan runs into difficulties, people will wonder "How can we find a solution without expending too much energy?" The solution lies either in changing the basic essence of the plan or in changing one or more of its aspects. To change the essence of a plan is equal to a betrayal of the plan itself. To reduce the scale of a plan will show a lack of foresight. The solution of the Leader will lie in changing the location of the plan. Such a method will preserve the plan's basic essence and meaning, thus the old concept of "fight or perish" is laid to rest. It is better to change location and be successful rather than expend the extra forces which would be necessary to fight a battle of attrition. But for this to succeed it is necessary for the plan be in the interests of the common good of all. If such is the case, the basic energy of success will preserved.


It is always possible to find a new location which will afford all the potentials and possibilities of the previous one. The Leader doesn't limit a plan to a single location because it is the basic essence of a plan which is most important.


57. About the difference between the immutability and mobility of a plan: it is especially difficult to combine these two conditions, because each of their boundaries extends into the heights of spiritual consciousness. To be mobile means to be able to change the components of a plan every hour if necessary. Do not fear such change because that which appears as change is actually but a small vibration in the whole ether of life. The paths to that which is immutable rise and fall like the waves of the ocean.


While maintaining the immutable essence of a plan, the Leader is always ready to change any component in order to move it along the shortest path to completion. Such mobility can only come from the realization of the ultimate spiritual immutability of a plan.


58. About the seeming impossibility of co‑measuring the above two terms: small streams of events are always present among the on‑rushing nodal waves of actions. Isn't it possible to mix a stream with an ocean? But on Earth people are always in a hurry to mix events which are incommensurable‑‑particularly when they try to mix the personal with the universal. Just as one's hand feels the thickness of a fabric, so must The Leader be wise enough to recognize the profundity of different events.


A Leader must avoid being carried away by the apparent magnitude of an event, because among the connecting points which flow together will be some phantom aspects and small streams which may temporarily change the main direction of action. The Leader must be aware that the coming together of numerous waves to a nodal connecting point may appear in an instant and if one's ship‑of‑state lies motionless before such waves, even the most sensitive ship will shudder violently at the tensity of such an explosive atmosphere. Therefore all actions, large and small, which comprise the changes necessary for the success of an immutable plan must be commensurate with the plan itself.


Fortuitous accelerations as well as costly delays come and go like waves. As soon as a wave of acceleration is detected it is necessary to unleash all of one's forces and sow as many constructive seeds as possible.


59. During a prolonged period of construction a Leader should take care that no personal self‑interest is hidden within any of his directives. Self‑interest carries a destructive property which will eventually destroy all the creative achievements which are conceived under such darkness. Such a destructive worm is purely the result of human ignorance and thus it is all the more necessary to know the basic cause of its origin.

The most fundamental destructive element is privilege. It is necessary to bring all of one's forces to bear on the elimination of this harmful illusion. All cooperation, first of all, depends upon equality. Let any sign of inequality take hold in a plan and you will be creating the dark element of privilege. The manifestation of privilege always breeds injustice. It takes many pillars to support the temple of justice and the emphasis of any particular one will cause the others to be out of balance. Thus perfect justice will always be rooted in the concept of equality.

There will always be cynics who will say, "An inherent instability of a concept will create more energy around it." While there is some sense in such a remark, the delicate work of construction is so in need of special care that it must proceed undivided and unencumbered. The most preserving, conservative force is equality because it destroys all privilege and self‑interest.


60. A true "fire‑blossom" is contained in real unselfishness, but it has to be displayed not only in one's actions but also live in one's consciousness. Actions can be like wandering shadows inasmuch as they may not be true reflections of one's motives. Such actions create a whirlwind of illusions around them. This conceals the true meaning of the action. Is it possible to judge an action without knowing its true cause and subsequent consequences? If it is, then a Savior can be easily taken for a thief and anyone who sacrifices his own luxury for the Common Good will automatically be considered a tightwad.


It is not all that easy to establish a consciousness of unselfishness. Unselfishness is not solely constructed out of the experiences of the past. The fortuitous combination of unselfishness in action and consciousness only occurs when there is a clear‑cut realization of the future. It takes a solemn realization of the future reign of spiritual truth to create that internal knowing that reveals to one the properties and boundaries of right action.


61. About the qualities of action: if an action is small, then it needs daily support and assistance. But when an action becomes great it transcends all mundane approaches because it takes on a life of its own. This is the first quality of an action


The second quality of an action lies in its usefulness. Like a whirlwind of change a true action has to excite people with its possibilities. Such excitement, just like an illuminating thought, can give wings to an action and enable it to fly over all obstacles.


The third quality of an action lies in its unexpectedness. Every action which grabs the attention of people's minds is a result of an unexpected path of thinking.


The fourth quality of an action lies in its mobility. Only an action's mobility protects it from opportunistic attacks.


The fifth quality of an action lies in its essential justice. As every flash of enlightenment forges a link between one's consciousness and Cosmos, so each action must appear like the lightning flash of the sword of truth


The sixth quality of an action lies in its correctness. Only through a realization of the very foundations of existence‑‑that there is only the Common Good‑‑will an action become inviolable.


The seventh quality of an action lies in its clarity. In this manner it is possible to gain the support needed to move difficult issues forward without exhausting one's resources.

It is necessary for the Leader to understand equally the properties of physical and spiritual actions because, in spite of everything else, the action of spiritual thought is hardly ever appreciated by the public.


62. As to qualities of expectation: the highest manifestation of this quality is the expectation of the continued evolution of the World. This usually divides people into three camps: 1) the dark ones, 2) the slumbering consciousnesses and, 3) the spiritually alert. The expectations of the dark ones are chaotic and bring real harm to space. The slumbering consciousnesses are like dying embers. The alert ones are ready each hour for the future.


An internal quality of expectation is a manifestation of personal growth. What better assists growth than the continued expectation of the future evolution of the worlds? This kind of expectation should permeate one's entire life. It should fill one's work with the excitement of new action, because active work for the future contains Spiritual Beauty.

When you encounter people who are stagnating, tell them‑‑"Arise! The evolution of the worlds continues!"


63. We admire thought that is decisive. Decisiveness is measured by the quality of its applicability. Its applicability is measured by it usefulness to the ideal of Hierarchy. The result of such an action will cause people to rejoice. People who rejoice in an action are people who believe in an action, but such faith must be well‑grounded.


A Leader plans well and acts decisively. He doesn't mind if he is said to be prudent, because prudence is better than folly and folly is the opposite of action taken with true spiritual knowledge. And so regardless of whatever circle of concepts we might use, we always come back to the most important ingredient‑‑true spiritual knowledge.


64. It is an invisible, immutable command, not the words of others, that spur a Leader to press onward. The previous destruction of the fear of loneliness will be of service when the going gets tough. It is especially difficult to conquer loneliness. Wise men know it is an immensely personal battle with the self. It is difficult to be a warrior, scout, adviser, decision‑maker and hero all at the same time. It is said that the word "hero" was nearly expelled from the dictionaries of the old world because the true life of a hero is unacceptable to small hearts. A hero will feel himself an alien when among hypocrites. It is good to be where the heroes are. The world would certainly be astounded if people knew the true reality of heroism.


Let children call themselves heroes and let them adorn themselves with the qualities of these wonderful people. It is good to give children books which clearly explain the exploits of heroes; where the will and the work of the main character is outlined without rationalizing his or her appeal as being solely charismatic. Showing this kind of enthusiasm for life will be an irreplaceable remedy‑‑even for all medical problems. Such books and materials should be produced as soon as possible, but take care as to the quality of the writers themselves.


65. It is best to beware of those who are always complaining that they have no time for anything. By uttering such false pretenses concerning their work, they show they are incapable of using their time properly. Such people should be delegated only basic types of work. It is impossible to work with them on anything creative. We have already related about how braggarts tend to steal other's time and We now wish to add that small‑minded idlers and dull people can actually obstruct the path of life. They try to look as busy as a pepper‑shaker at work, but they always are ready to complain about their job with bitterness. They love to strut about with the importance of roosters in a henhouse just because they can count items in a warehouse. They stink up any job site with fumes of intoxication. They easily invent hundreds of pretexts to cover up their rotten work yet they cannot find an hour for that which is most urgent. They relish their dullness and with high impudence they reject what is best for them. They are fruitless‑‑just as are thieves of other people's time.


Fortunately, there are many working people who will willingly find an hour for the more important things in life. They are never "too busy." Because there is no pettiness in them they are able to be open and magnanimous about even the most important things. Such joyful acceptance of work is the kind of personal quality which is indispensable for the growth and expansion of consciousness.


66. Lackadaisical people are like an open bottle of perfume. Their essential qualities easily escape into the air. But people who exhibit patience and creativity are like ripe old vines; they are ready to give their best. A Leader always looks for the tension of creativeness in people. In the work of building the core of a social infrastructure, the government that is able to bring people to flights of creativity is considered good. If creativity is burdensome for a person, this will be a truthful indication of an endemic weakness in the whole structure and should not be tolerated. Better to rebuild the walls until the bricklayer's song is filled with the sound of freedom.


The principle of the freedom of approach to all questions of life, service and work needs to be protected. If service to the common good is burdensome, for example, that is an indication of a basic imperfection in the State. A wise establishment is that which is based upon the fundamental landmarks of true spiritual knowledge. Opening the correct door will always show the true direction.


67. There comes a time in the life of every cooperative body when a situation develops which can lead ultimately to harm. Then a Leader should find new ways, new tasks, which are broad enough to absorb any friction. Friction does not necessarily mean competition but can be any kind of contentiousness which may arise within group work. Ships always pass through dangerous channels one by one, thus we can apply the same principle to the process of cooperative work. It may be necessary at times to redirect the movement of all the participants into different channels. Then, instead of proceeding in a course which could be harmful, the direction of an action will be diverted into one where people will shift to mastering new fields of endeavor. When people exhibit the signs of aggressiveness, know how to give a non‑combative vent to their energy. If people get uptight, discord is assured.


The concept of having a variety of tasks is necessary, otherwise the forces of the cooperating consciousnesses will collide. It is the responsibility of the Leader not to let useful people act like a can of scorpions. Fortunately, there are always a lot of different tasks available, so it is not difficult to re‑direct people's forces into immediately achievable work. Often, growth gives life to antagonistic forces. Instead of calmly seeking possibilities, people plunge into fanning the flames of discord. A Leader must act at the precise psychological moment and delegate new tasks before discord reaches its apogee. It is always possible to avoid complications. By using the most practical means one can readily avert disaster. Any Teaching of the realities of life must take into account the rise of antagonisms and complications. In this manner all constructive work can be firmly protected.


68. It is possible to train a consciousness in the correct understanding of the ownership of surrounding things. Blessed is the consciousness which thinks: "Nothing belongs to me, but to us; and we are scattered throughout the planet." Is it possible to content oneself with a life of personal enrichment? Is it possible to take for one's own the beneficent psychic energy which saturates each object? We should be able to feel the presence of such psychic energy in each object. People will often agree that it is possible to admit the presence of psychic energy in the most remote ether in space, but they call it absurd to admit the presence of psychic energy in everyday objects on earth. Meanwhile, an understanding that psychic energy exists in every object will raise an inquiry into the fundamental details of life


69. Modern industry, in fact most material production world‑wide, is so shoddy in its quality and over‑produced in quantity that it is impossible to correctly distribute the things made. Thus distribution must be forced and the direct result of forced distribution is deception and untruth. The question then becomes: is it better to just sit and wait for better possibilities to evolve or should we try to create a new consciousness in manufacturing and distribution? It makes no sense to force manufacturers to restrain themselves and do better research and development. That would just create an abnormal desire for their garbage. The proper thing to do is first solve the problem of land ownership and inheritance and, only after that is done, carry out a nationwide educational movement showing the ownership of property as being inherently selfish. It is vitally necessary that such a new consciousness of ownership be explained in such a way that people will adopt if of their own free will. When people are able to personally discover through logic and reasoning how practical the concept of non‑ownership is, then a movement toward collective cooperation will emerge.


70. The poison generated by the conception of private property ownership can be destroyed only by a well‑thought‑out program presented in the schools. It should not be conceived by the establishment of prohibitions, but as part of the vast Teaching of Life. There is no need for any literature disclaiming the ownership of property. No political program, either forced or voluntary, will convince anyone to give up that which is dear to them. Only a few will be able to readily see the huge dragon created by slavery to junk. People, by and large, will always continue to dream of their own acquisitions. Therefore any historical comparisons between ownership and non‑ownership must demonstrate the complete justice of the latter. Equally accurate must be any biological comparisons that show an improvement in personal and collective health through living without the vanity, pressure and the stress of owning property. The laws of Nature will testify as to how living without the stress of property ownership are more agreeable to the essential nature of a human being.


71. The concept of theft is already discussed in religions and civil law. But the fact is that theft is a by‑product of the concept of ownership. Each instance of theft does harm to the evolution of the world because the Karmic fate of each thief is that his unenviable act sends him far backward on the evolutionary scale. The more theft there is, the more is evolution retarded. The important thing is not that some thing passes from the hands of one person into the hands of another, but that each person comes to understand the negative reactions which hover around the sense of ownership.


The laws about theft are not perfect because truly the most prominent thievery is in the realm of knowledge and ideas by those who do not have any creative imagination. Only in the work of the Common Good of all humanity it is possible to evaluate the treasure of time. We are all guilty of stealing the time of our brothers and sisters. To steal time without any sense of its value is the same as stealing another's ideas.


72. No one's privacy should ever be invaded. This is a law of spiritual striving. Also, everything which has irreplaceable value must be protected. This, too, is a law of spiritual striving. If we can look at things more truthfully, we will find that everything irreplaceable should lead all lists of things meant for safe‑keeping.


73. A Leader looks after the quality of education being taught in schools. The possibility of rapid, responsible progress and advancement should be established in each school. When a speedy sailing ship has to take in sail in order to stay in line with other ships, it's humiliating to the discipline of the crew. A sleek, well‑proportioned sailing ship is constructed to be as fast as possible and to handle the maximum of danger. Thus it also is with students in school. From the very first day of school the slow of step should not be allowed to impinge the fast runners. Teachers are sharp‑sighted and can readily recognize those who can go fast. There is no need to particularly praise fast‑learning children, but it is necessary to clear a path for them. Schools should create intermediate courses for the quick‑learners. Difficulties should not be hidden from them. For the quick‑learner, each achievement is a joy‑‑like a ray of light.


The teacher must also be able to quickly recognize the direction of thinking of all students because a push in the wrong direction is a grave crime. Such a wrong push is responsible for depriving the world of many of its best workers. Every stagnant program is a corpse. This is insufferable to the concept of knowledge. All schools should have in place a program to validate the spiritual consciousnesses of the teachers as soon as possible in order to strengthen the school as a whole. Teachers should create an atmosphere of betterment for their students in order to infuse in them the idea to, later in life, also take responsibility for the consciousnesses of others.

The trend must always be toward betterment in all things. It is impossible for future schools to continue to resemble the present graveyards where the hopes and dreams of so many from recent generations were killed or mutilated. Fanaticism, leveling and prohibitions should be replaced with possibilities. Studies in crafts should always be offered. Each student must be given the freedom of choice, but teachers should always demand a high quality of work. In order to make such a demand, each teacher should thoroughly understand the meaning of quality in all things.


74. A Leader should be adamantly opposed to the kind of prejudices which linger on for generations. At the same time, however, he should take into consideration the customs of others. Often customs have been developed around conditions which give the custom a legitimate basis. It is the illusions which have been added on to them over time which should be uncovered. Then their truthful foundations can be discovered. If there is true knowledge of the source of a custom, all subsequent illusions can be stripped away, but it would be unjustified to destroy the reasonable logic that lies at its source. It's like an architect who sees that a foundation is strong and therefore knows he can construct a new building on it.


There comes a time in life when we must think of the economy of means. The luxury of destruction must be left to the pages of history. What the world needs is not new elements, but new combinations. The path of new conquest should be illuminated not by the glow of conflagrations, but by the sparks of newly‑attracted energy.


75. The art of creative thinking needs to be developed in schools. In fact, every art should be exercised. But be aware that such intensification of the thought processes should not be burdensome and boring. Therefore, the instructor of a course in creative thinking has to be enlightened. If you will look at history, you will find that the most terrible calamities took place because of the inability to think creatively. It is possible to find a lot of examples where the loss of the flow of thought caused unbridled feelings to surface which, in turn, lead a whole nation to the abyss of destruction. Similarly, laziness of thinking and a general slow‑wittedness will surely destroy all creative possibilities.


The Leader himself has to be an example of the constant expansion of the creative thinking process in order to fulfill his own spiritual vision. Of course, such a vision will have come from his link with the Hierarchy, but even the link itself requires mobility of thought and conscious striving. Do not understand the art of creative thinking as some kind of spiritual concentration. Nothing of this sort lies in the art of thinking or in the refining of consciousness. Even though it takes a high quality of conscientiousness to establish a path of thought, no one should think that a creative thinker is a special breed of person. Every child can be guided to the path of the art of creative thinking. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the art of creative thinking as part of a nation's general health. The leadership of people carries with it the obligation to expand their consciousness.


76. It is necessary to explain a few things about the quality of consciousness. Consciousness has to be acquired freely and unconditionally. For example, with every condition and boundary it sets, science does irreparable harm. Only a free combination of elements will produce unique, new achievements. Who would tell a chemist to use only one group of elements? Who would force a historian or a philosopher to ignore historical facts? Who would order a painter to use only one color?


Everything should be available to the consciousness. The only rules needed are to always search for the most persuasive logic to support one's position and to make any position attractive. In order to captivate people with your knowledge, you have to make it attractive; so attractive that the books of yesterday will be considered as dry leaves. The victory of the validation of new knowledge will redeem such knowledge from any and all intolerable prohibitions.

Most of all be sure to banish prohibitions in the lives of students. This should be especially easy for the builders of a new knowledge of life, because their books can be especially written to inspire the consciousness and make knowledge attractive. Of course, any presentation of knowledge to students that treats them as if they were ordinary clerks is intolerable. The example of an ordinary clerk should cause students to stop and think about the meaning of talent and its usefulness in creating beauty in life. Of course, Hierarchal Inspiration will ultimately be the foundation of any new construction.


Plants always stretch out towards the Light. This sign of primary consciousness is immutable. We, too, can use this immutable sign as an example of how to proceed in building a new life. There is nothing abstract about life and every cogent thought needs to be absorbed. Therefore, let us be realists‑‑but mainly of the true reality.


77. Respect for the spoken word should be taught in schools. You know that parrots can, without consciousness, repeat words which often have great meaning. But human beings have to understand that each word is like an arrow which flies into space where it resounds like a thunderclap, because each word is like an explosion of thought. The misunderstanding of certain words has been responsible for much of the world's violence. People scatter pearls as if they were sand. Indeed, it is time to replace a lot of old definitions.


Special spiritual courses should be established in schools. For example, the concept of the spiritual body should be given alongside the study of the physical body. Such knowledge will help to construct a scientific bridge between the visible and the invisible and assist one's striving toward spiritual perfection. The future evolution of the world will demonstrate the correctness of all earlier daring to cognize spiritual things. Thus the Images of the Great Teachers will enter everyday life as naturally as Friends. The Commands of the Spiritual Teacher will then be on the same shelf as other beloved books.


78. Often you speak about the imperfection of the existing books. Let me tell you that an error in a book is equal to the most severe crime. All untruths in books should be looked upon as a form of slander. All untruths delivered by speakers return a negative Karmic reaction proportionate to the size of the audience. The untruths of a writer will be proportionate to the number of copies of a book in print. For a book of untruths to occupy a place in public libraries is a severe crime.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the true intentions of the writer in order to evaluate the quality of his errors. The worst case will be the writer who writes out of complete ignorance. The most shameful places will be reserved for writers whose consciousnesses are occupied and driven chiefly by anger and fear. All of these aspects are impermissible and should be removed from any new construction. As usual, to prohibit anything is impermissible. But all discovered and proven errors should be removed from books. Each citizen should have the right to challenge what he believes to be an error. While it is impermissible to prohibit new thought and opinions from forming, wrong data can easily mislead one's thought processes, therefore it should be everyone's duty to protect society from false knowledge through verification.

Books should be verified not later then a year after publication otherwise there will be a larger amount of victims of untruth. It will be especially necessary to defend a good book when its dignity is attacked. There are shelves of abscesses of untruths in libraries. It is unacceptable to keep such public parasites around. Why turn the warmest corner of the hearth into a bed of lies! Indeed, books help form the consciousness of children, therefore it is necessary to question a book's veracity.


79. The cause of human discontent cannot be determined through simply researching obvious causes. One cannot distinguish the entanglements of the thinking process without studying all of the attendant processes. Perhaps the Rose Ray flared up somewhere and the conditions for a revolution were thwarted. Perhaps the ocean currents were somewhere diverted and the result was a change in the world trading markets. These are only primitive and obvious examples. Therefore how many more subtle causes and their effects saturate space and re‑channel the layers of human thinking.


To those who decide the destiny of a people: go into a laboratory and ascend to the observatory and look at the heavens. Even if you don't readily find an analogy for social problems, your searching mind will catch a glimpse of the apparatus of truth. You will begin to understand the indivisibility of the evolving destiny of humanity from observing cosmic processes. Therefore a real knowledge of cosmic processes will, without prejudice, take you directly into the future. But those who will cut off scientific and worldly processes from cosmic processes will be like a cripple without legs.


80. There are too few attempts to combine the teaching of physical mechanics with the mechanics of the mind. A Leader knows that a scientific attitude toward the mind facilitates the understanding of all existence. He will therefore pay urgent attention to the possibilities of this psychic apparatus. Psycho‑mechanics will be the true definition of the application of psychic energy to the physical processes.


It is possible to observe interesting experiments in industrial work. Every experienced workman knows that all machinery needs some rest. It is difficult to define this phenomenon more exactly, but it should be significant even to those who have no idea of psycho‑mechanics. We used to make experiments at weaving mills where there were hundreds of looms and up to a hundred workers. It became obvious that the looms were in need of a rest independent from technical regulations and the experience of the weaver. By making a psychical test of the weavers it was possible to learn that looms in the hands of workers with a great deal of psychic energy had a need for less rest. In each instance it was like a living current of energy was communicated to the loom by the weaver, extending its vitality. This living coordination between worker and machine needs to be applied in all working conditions. It is possible to achieve an advantageous condition in any workplace through the study of psycho mechanics. The task of the State will be to summon to life the most productive conditions, taking measures and directing scientists to such facilitation in all facets of life.


81. To retard or to increase? Of course, to increase; whole‑heartedly and joyfully, but always with the Common Good in mind. But, unfortunately, even the smallest particle of sectarianism or enforced limitation will contradict the whole commensurability of any plan designed around the forward trend of planetary evolution. It takes an austere inner joy to avoid darkness. The presence of the moles of invasion and limitation will keep the plan from ever seeing the sun. And there always exist consciousnesses of such slavish insincerity that any new idea will appear to them to be a crime or at least madness. Can the Leader allow the reality of a plan to be limited by the fancies of idiots?

82. The discipline of the will and the command of the consciousness have been previously talked about at length. Long ago, the concept of responsibility was established. Now it is necessary to direct the attention to the narrowness of sectarianism and superstition. A sectarian dreams about the kind of power that will subordinate everything to his inflexible consciousness. A superstitious person is afraid to exceed his self‑imposed boundaries. He fears analogies of his own religion to other faiths and, generally, he thinks more about himself than the Common Good. The presence of sectarianism and superstition are indications of a very low consciousness. Those who are alien to acceptance of the new will have little creative potential, therefore it is necessary to expose all sectarianism and superstition by every means possible. Never hesitate to dwell on these questions. Thus you will be rid of lies and fear.


83. The art of cooperation contains all possibilities and spiritual accumulations. Anyone who belittles the possibilities and power of cooperation should be considered a traitor. Cooperation is the sign of the fullness of the Joy of Hierarchy!


84. It will be necessary to pay attention to the generation of various epidemics. The phenomenon of this or that mass illness is a manifestation of a massive base level of thinking. Intoxication, for example, penetrates deeper than one thinks and regenerates old microbes and creates new ones. Both physical and psychical epidemics are extremely pernicious. In fact, the degeneration of whole families has occurred because of such regenerated malignant microbes.


85. Recall that some insects and reptiles prefer to perish provided they can bite and let their poison out. The servants of darkness are exactly like this. They are ready to accept even the most unpleasant consequences in order to perpetrate their poisonous crimes. It is necessary to emblaze in one's memory those evil ones who disdain sparing themselves the consequences of their own evil deeds. It is possible to show many examples where a planned evil deed was designed to encompass even the villainous perpetrator himself. Thus a dark one will, under the influence of the dark hierarchy, even commit suicide to further his evil. It is necessary to expose the tricks of the dark ones. For example, sometimes it is possible to find corpses of humans or animals near spiritually active places. Yes, the dark ones have put them there because they know that an atmosphere of decay is necessary in order to attract the evil forces of lower spheres. Thus they resourcefully establish such centers of decay in order to disburse their evil influences. By the same token, I advised you long ago not to keep decayed meat or rotten food and plants as well as rotten water in the home. People rarely pay attention to such things even though the causes of such bad emanations are now confirmed by modern doctors.


86. A human being has to be on the threshold of the future at all times because each instant of life brings an opportunity for renewal. A human being cannot build a consciousness of the future by relying on the past; because the past doesn't exist anymore. A human being can be aware of the past, but woe to him who tries to apply the measures of the past. Let a Leader remember that the future is incompatible with the past. The wisdom of becoming aware of the application of new combinations links the past to the future. It's not easy to have the fortitude to actually know that every instant renews the world, but an inexhaustible source of spiritual joy will come from this thought. A Leader can convene a Council of Sages to contemplate the future, but those who are decrepit in spirit and live in the past should not be among them. Verily, the light of the future is the Light of Hierarchy.


87. A Leader must help establish in the consciousness of people the concept of doing good deeds. All media should be at his disposal for the distribution of such messages. If the Leader keeps silence and does not broadcast such messages of good, evil, which pursues every retreat of good, will fill the vacuum. It is necessary to be aware of such manifest maneuvers of the foundations of life in order to be constantly on guard. A nation's leader, just as a father would, must direct the people towards good. Thus it is possible to continually renew the consonance of the visible and invisible worlds.


88. To be sure, the wandering Elder Mentors of both sexes who are the teachers of different subjects, especially including arts and crafts, will be a source of enlightenment for all. Local teachers will find in them the best combination of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Indeed, they will light the fires of happiness and inspiration. Local teachers, with all their commitment to what they teach, still carry a heavy yoke of daily routine. They should be glad to see the arriving guest‑mentor. The unexpectedness of their arrival will, in itself, project that unusualness which attracts hearts. The wandering teachers themselves will enjoy a beautiful diversity which renews and augments their forces. A Leader should also sometimes participate in such pilgrimages of light. Of course, students of wisdom will also come often to the dwellings of the Elder Brothers and Sisters. Beauty should prevail in these dwellings. It is quite possible to form a real spiritual community of enlightenment anywhere. Then the leading principle of knowledge will be established by the most welcome and attractive measures.


89. A Leader should participate personally in the Publishing Council. The Council will consist of the representatives of different Publishing Houses. They should take care to expel old, habitual platitudes and base errors from publications. A publisher who is found guilty three times of such a crime should loose all publishing rights. Also, the Council should see that all books appear inviting and are published at a reasonable price. They should also use the media to distribute free book information to the population as much as possible. Even the wrapping paper of a book can contain useful advice. Of course, the publishing houses themselves should be a Cooperative.

90. Bribes and inducements must be everywhere eliminated by all means possible, however we should not have to rely on just punitive measures because they are never wholly effective. It will be necessary, during the time when ethics are taught in the schools, to advise students that bribes and inducements are a disgrace to the dignity of a human being. Of course, Cooperative Societies should also expunge from their membership those who use or take bribes. The Leader himself must take care to steadfastly look for all signs of such human disgrace. After bribes, the second most harmful act is the non‑execution of proscribed duties. This social abomination is so strongly implanted in childhood that the measures to influence correct action must also be taken in childhood. Let children become accustomed early to the work of grown‑ups. Through contemplating the quality of work, the concept of duty will become part of one's inner consciousness. Every careless, forgetful and evasive act is truly a crime against one's own heart.


91. Fear is incompatible with the concept of a Leader. Any show of fear by a Leader will destroy his aura of respect. Neither can he show any confusion or absent‑mindedness. Fear makes even quite intelligent people increase the protection and security around them. But a true Leader never needs protection if he is surrounded by collaborators and assistants. The manifestation of fear has destroyed many States.


Horror is an equally contagious phenomenon. One can imagine a Leader who lets horror get hold of him. Is it then possible to visualize him in contact with the Hierarchy? A nation's people are sensitive to everything that threatens their consciousness and fear leads the list. Nations can respect courage even in its strangest forms, but fear and indecision will not be pardoned.

Moreover, each manifestation of fear psychically cuts the silver thread of the link to Hierarchy.


92. Indeed, courage can lie in the core of one's being but, because of fear, never manifest as the protective armor it should be. But when our consciousness is entirely transferred to the Realm of the Fearless, then there can be no panic or despondency. Then we become invulnerable. It is necessary to understand where the real Stronghold is and to hasten there without deviation. Thus it is possible to strengthen our courage.


93. A Leader should never expend all his forces at one time or in one place. This is one of the main conditions of invincibility. Not only should the forces of a Leader be diversified, but sometimes they have to shift from place to place. The command to shift forces when it becomes necessary is a decision the Leader must make. People are aware of all shiftings, but they also understand that there are a lot of things beyond their authority. Thus, a Leader does not need to publicly proclaim each action he takes.


A true Leader don't need guns and tear‑gas to rule a nation and the fact is that psychic energy provides much better protection. And the means to stop any real enemy will be found in the near future. However, the use of such energies will be confined to trusted persons. Any treason from their side will be impossible because the same energy used wrongly will have a reverse effect. In this manner, the protection of a Leader will take on an entirely new aspect. We must never forget that communion with Hierarchy will always warn about danger. A manifestation of psychic energy will turn out to be the most durable armor. It will be shown that people wrongly use the word "intuition" in cases where there is knowledge of a Higher Source.


94. A Leader must avoid any countermanding of his commands. Such hesitation causes the same reaction in others as fear. His respect will be damaged irretrievably. Therefore, a Leader cannot think that the error of today can be corrected tomorrow. Such errors simply must never happen. It is always possible to hold off a decree for a little while, but a manifested command is already a law.


95. Usually, people make mistakes when, due to their limited consciousness, they suppose that something can exist in one form only. It is therefore difficult for them to imagine that in antiquity people could use different energies and apply them in completely different ways. Don't forget that when somebody moves from one place to another, a lot of unnecessary things are destroyed in the process. Thus wise Teachers took measures to hide everything which must not be shown before the proper time. Is it possible to proclaim new discoveries before their proper time? The whole foundation of life could be upset by such a self‑willed action. In truth, the Hierarchy participates in discoveries made by people, but many discoveries were destroyed because they were inopportune for the time. A Leader should remember that the Guiding Hand loses no time in helping along the line of possibilities that are destined to be a blessing to humanity.


96. Indeed, we need a new definition for luxury, especially because luxury is not commensurate with either beauty or knowledge. The boundaries of luxury meander all over the place and it is impossible to determine them by a single, lawful definition. A Leader must also share responsibility for defining the term. He can begin by completely destroying all banality, which is the usual companion to luxury. Of course, a Leader can listen to opinions of the best experts, but the decision will always be his own.


97. To expand the cognition of what constitutes The Beautiful, a study of the meaning of life should be established in schools. A history of arts and knowledge should also be included in such a course because it not only has to touch on former meanings and understandings, but also be a kind of blueprint for modern achievements in the future. The teacher of such a course must be highly educated otherwise wild fanaticism about the meaning of life, which always comes from ignorance, may obscure real understanding.


98. The world lives in Secrecy but the Supreme Secret can never be disclosed. In every spiritual tension within the heart of a person there is an element of secrecy. People can actually feel the borderline of this secrecy and thus are able to acknowledge its existence. This real secrecy cannot be fabricated because it is a fundamental aspect of the human personality. Even so, people's actions are not always commensurate with what they know in their hearts to be true. For example, the future plans of a Leader are often secreted in his heart, nevertheless his conscious activity is always directed toward the good of the nation


99. Is it possible to expect that the budget deficits of States can be balanced without taking stringent measures? Neither the printing of more money nor easy credit will do any good. Such measures will only drive the real conditions into further concealment. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the distribution of the population and its forces. Monstrous cities are abscesses of immorality and disease. Populations should be less concentrated in order not to disturb the equilibrium of nature. Crowds of people crammed into a small place while there are deserted areas nearby disturb the foundations of life. It is necessary to live life among nature. This is what makes life understandable and attractive.


New discoveries and cultural achievements can take place in even the most distant, out‑of‑the‑way places. When schools will begin to explain the meaning of life as that of spiritual self‑perfection, the flow of people into natural surroundings will increase. Also, the formation of Cooperatives will afford the possibility of the production of high quality, hand‑crafted goods. These same Cooperatives will serve to help the State balance its budget. The establishment of Cooperatives, partially funded by the State, will allow them to build means of communication and maintain the forests and waterways, provide medical care, local police, caretakers and many more things which are necessary for a working Cooperative.


All schools and amusement centers should also be maintained by Cooperatives under the authority of the State. In addition, Cooperatives, by their very nature, will contribute indirect taxes to be used to balance the budget. This will reduce the huge amount of direct taxation of the people which has always been a source of discontent. Since indirect taxes come from so many different areas they, in effect, become invisible. The many Cooperatives will form a network of localities throughout the State and will require little local supervision, thus there will be no need for huge public buildings along with their lethargic bureaucracies. A State Economic Council should be formed which will work under the direction of the Leader himself. In this manner an entire State can be constructed around just one Summit.


100. Each conversation with a Leader should end on a note of encouragement. This is no room for threats or belittling of any kind. Everybody, even the best employee can be encouraged to produce his best quality of work. Even a new employee can make useful observations. The human heart rejoices when it feels that its best qualities are appreciated.


101. We will tell to those who cannot accept the concept of the Leader that each of the words they use comes from others. People are never aware that each of their statements rests upon the discovery of something already established by somebody else. There is no human being on earth who can do without a teacher. Teachers may feel exalted because of this, but the fact is that an understanding of Hierarchy will show that the Leader is first of all a follower because we are all followers when it comes to the Highest Ones.


It is a sign of ignorance when people sometimes try to free themselves of all bonds. Every sailor knows enough to cut off the mast when the weather overwhelms all human effort to keep a ship on course. But the same sailor knows that sailing without masts and ropes is disastrous. Therefore, it is necessary for people to be educated in the understanding of the inevitability of the existence of Hierarchy‑‑that we have our own being within the realm of Higher Beings‑‑throughout the entire Universe.


102. Every inventor and scientist should feel that his discovery will be protected by the State. There should be no need for a scientist to waste his energy protecting his discovery. The State itself should take care of not only the protection, but also the wide application of all useful discoveries. The inventor himself should be rewarded by the State and placed in the kind of favorable conditions which will allow him to continue the advancement of his work. It is deplorable when the forces of creativeness are forced to fight bureaucratic stupidity. The Leader himself has to know where the creative forces of a nation are directed. Thus every contribution from those who seek to improve all life will be justly appreciated.


103. Conventional class distinctions cannot exist in the New World. For example, the military "class" has evolved from the need for a common defense, but if the common defense is distributed among all the people, no such "class" need emerge. Schools should offer classes in basic necessary defensive methods as part of their curriculum.


104. Even though there are thousands of languages in the world, a verbal order often cannot be replaced by a written document. There are three basic reasons for this: first, a command sometimes cannot be expressed in written form; second, people pay attention to verbal commands while often refusing to read a written document; and third, the most sacred Testaments were never recorded on paper. Only in a verbal message is it possible to pass the highest Command from heart to heart. Thus must a Leader keep in his heart the Command of the Lords and always give orders verbally. Such a simple consideration needs to be acknowledged, because if someone doesn't know the concept of Hierarchy, he will not understand the holiness of a Hierarchal Command. It is necessary to learn many new lessons about laws of Nature in order to understand the true beauty of the law of attraction, which is the basis of Hierarchy. Many people actually do not understand the real difference between slavery and freedom. The former comprises darkness and the latter comprises the Light of Hierarchy.


105. It is certainly possible to do away with all methods of torture and any violation of the human body. Such dark measures are not necessary where there is knowledge of the Primal Energy. In the future the law courts will be able to use an electronic graphic device which will show the internal psychic state of a defendant. All statements by the defendant will then be judged psychically. The defendant himself will have to tell the truth because the presence of Primal Energy will cause fluctuations in his aura to become visible. There is no will strong enough to resist such a great power. In this manner will the understanding of psychic energy enter everyday life. Of course, Astrology, the Science of the Celestial Bodies, will also help to clarify the truth


106. Truly, respect for the spiritual will grow as disrespect for Hierarchy is eradicated. As a matter of fact, it is better to have even a smattering of knowledge of Hierarchy, even in makeshift forms, than to exist in an abyss of chaos. When the church began telling people about the inaccessibility of the Highest, it began a sub‑conscious corruption of everything pertaining to the invisible. This led to a conscious disrespect of Hierarchy which quickly turned into Satanism, i.e., it helped established the concept of a physical "devil." This can no longer be allowed to happen.


107. The death penalty should be completely abolished, however the killing of enemies in times of war is permitted. Many criminals will actually turn to hard work under the influence of suggestion. The illness of crime can, like drunkenness and other vices, be treated by the command of the will. We must also remember that a lot of crimes are committed under the influence of obsession, therefore it is necessary to treat such people as if they have a disease and not punish them. The performance of intensive, systematic work will have a positive effect because steady work is hateful for obsessors. They try to plunge one into chaos, but the essence of work is the best protection.


We should not worry at the present lack of trained physicians who are spiritually strong enough to issue suggestive commands. Most have to live in isolation. But when a Research Institute on the Development of Psychic Energy will be founded, it will attract and train many useful co‑workers. Also, the establishment of an Institute of Astrology will assist in the verification of data. Governments today are ashamed of consulting the celestial bodies as well as using a human's psychic power, but the psychical energy should, nevertheless, be investigated by enlightened people.


108. A Leader must be permanently in good spirits so he will never give off the emanation of despondency. Such good spirits can only be established through the heart's devotion to and communion with Hierarchy. This great Source also creates a definite friendliness which will open even the most difficult gates. It is necessary, however, to have an Image of Hierarchy in the heart in order to establish the conditions of friendliness. One must come to know the Fiery Sword of an Archangel in order to establish the boundary of justice. Who can tell when all the measures of friendliness are exhausted? Only a Hierarch can make such a decision.


109. A Leader understands everyday work as a moment of eternity. Knowing the slowness of evolution, he cannot allow himself to become fatigued. There is much time left on the clock of humanity, but a Leader lives by other measures so he has to know how to be thankful that he can help both those who are slow and those who forge ahead. Only communion with Hierarchy provides a Leader with all the dimensions of the Three Worlds. The indefatigability of a Leader is created from this source. The human brain alone cannot grasp the eternity of work. Only the inexhaustible Power of Hierarchy can send the rays of knowledge which reinforce the true sense of work. Without Hierarchy, a Leader is just a blade of grass in a whirlwind. To live in the rays of the Fiery Worlds means to forge an impenetrable armor.


110. A well‑balanced personality will not only be creative, but should also have a good working knowledge of agriculture and minerals. The nature of a cooperative lifestyle is to encourage the development of one's personality, not to enslave it. The enslavement of a personality through the denial of the expansion of intellectual possibilities is found only in ignorant forms of cooperation. Just as an executioner does not know the thoughts of the heads he cuts off, so will ignorant people imagine themselves to be engaged in acts of cooperation when, in fact, they are actively engaged in destroying the creative force of thought. An executioner was always scorned and so also should be those who destroy creative thought. The Leader calls not to humiliate, but to lead upwards. The manifestation of The Leader himself is already a symbol of a call from the people.


111. A Leader should make himself conspicuous to young people and then each of his appearances will be like a celebration of creativity. He will propose enthralling works; he will show how even a small child can be useful. He will recognize and appreciate each sign of heroism. The Leader will personally take note of the names of even small heroes, because heroism is a spiritual act. There is no precedent whereby a coward can consciously become a hero, thus it is necessary to keep a record of heroic deeds beginning with early schooling in order to provide evidence of the fires of selflessness.


Nobody ever notices how the most prominent aspects of the human personality become manifest. Too often the most valuable instincts of people are humiliated by the State. The New Era will first of all protect people's spiritual forces.


112. A Leader should not put embittered people in responsible positions. It is very necessary to be aware of such a characteristic, because resentment denotes narrow‑mindedness. Of course, narrow‑mindedness as well as resentment can be treated in the first stages. Both of these characteristics are prone to the influence of suggestion, but to transform them for the better will require much time. Resentment is particularly harmful because it becomes a huge obstacle to success inasmuch as it influences all other actions of the person who is caught up in this negative force.


113. A Leader is seldom born into tranquil times. When a nation is striving towards truth there is much turmoil and many hardships and these are more likely to compel a Leader to come forward. His appearance will be like an evolutionary symbol of movement, leading a nation out of its lazy morass and into a life full of possibilities. Wherever a Leader is sent, a new "Promised Land" is revealed. Thus, the appearance of a Leader is a good sign of prosperity; a sign of a new approach to the Light. So, we should not deplore those slumbering times when there is no leadership.


The Leader will emerge when ready and impart his energy to the people, an energy which comes essentially from the Hierarchy of Light. When a Leader promises to open the gates to the future, he will never pronounce words of division. The people will likewise respond to the needs of the time and there will be no empty promises because the Hierarchy loathes emptiness. Thus, let us give thanks when hard times are upon us. They will bring us a Leader.


114. A Leader gathers his close co‑workers together by means of many trials. First of all he will propose to one being tested to describe some circumstance. If the response is one of negation, it will mean that the person is unfit to be a coworker because every circumstance contains something positive. There are people who will detect every possibility. These are far‑sighted co‑workers and suitable for association with the Leader. A Leader should never give in to any temptation of negation.


115. Begging in any form is absolutely unacceptable. A Working Cooperative should understand that everyone is eligible for work. Hospitals are for infirm people, but those sent there should return as soon as possible to their work so they are not deprived of the beneficial aspects of cooperative labor. The variety of work available is inexhaustible and thus it is only necessary to have an astute mind in order to find work for everyone.


116. A Leader must also take care that when it is necessary to shift an employees' work that it be done with expediency in order to keep their usefulness ready at all times. It is impossible to establish makeshift arrangements beforehand as everything is dependent upon the expediency of the situation.


117. A Leader must always have the final goal in mind. A lot of good beginnings have been ruined by losing sight of the main goal. People's day‑to‑day existence often makes them forget their main goals because everyday problems become more important to them than the cosmic evolution of humanity. Thus it is necessary to understand that only communion with Hierarchy can lift up a spirit above the dullness of daily detail. It is impossible to avoid all the details of life, but they can be alleviated when embraced by a rainbow of spiritual emanations. Let the Leader remember that the main goal is always the ultimate perfection of the nation; to bring it to a better understanding of the treasures of the Three Worlds.


118. To avoid having to take stop‑gap measures, the Leader must issue direct commands at the proper time. It sounds better when The Leader says "Do it now, make a creative work of it," rather than "I must prohibit this from happening." Every negation destroys some of the respect due a Leader, but a direct command will inspire people because of its timeliness. However, who except Hierarchy can detect what is timely? The Leader's link with Hierarchy is a concentration of forces on a focus, much like the action which creates a pearl. If one tries to melt a pearl it will give off a poison while decaying, therefore it is necessary to keep the pearl intact as an individual and irreplaceable treasure. Imagine what would happen if the Leader refused to commune with Hierarchy? He would then become a very ordinary person because the torn thread of contact would throw him far backwards in evolution.


119. It is possible to cognize the Highest Power when one pursues it on a reciprocal basis. It is most necessary for a Leader to learn the concept of reciprocal action because the Shield of Hierarchy manifests only through the combined action of both forces. Thus a Leader has to use his heart as if a Hierarch were standing right next to him.


120. Awareness of the Highest Forces is not taught in school. Such knowledge cannot come from the outside because it exists in the heart and is the core remembrance of one's life in the Subtle World. It is possible to say "Blessed are those who have the most beautiful heart." The clouds which hang over humanity are caused by the obliteration of that which is most necessary. Sleep is for the raising of the spirit, but people are told in ignorance that "sleep is similar to death." It is absurd to compare this sacred state with one of decomposition. It is necessary to relate over and over again, beginning in childhood, that sleep calls us to converse with angels. The heart's cognition begins where there is no need for words.


121. Supervision must be extremely vigilant, but it should not be so heavy‑handed that it becomes a sign of distrust. It is necessary to transform supervision into a kind of mutual cooperation. Confidence and carefulness are qualities which should be realized from top to bottom. Many useful actions have been defiled and destroyed because a leader and the people distrusted each other. Some Leaders hide their responsibility in excessive secrecy and establish an intolerable surveillance over people who will always hate such an action. Of course, such irrationality is caused by ignorance. They believe that it is possible to do something in absolute secrecy without it ever being discovered. But when people will gain a clear sight into Subtle and Fiery Worlds, they will understand that everything is interrelated and that one's every action affects the whole world. Yes, everything that is done is recorded and can be discovered.

Is it possible to truly be outside of Hierarchy? Only ignoramuses and deliberate deceivers will attempt to hide the Hierarchy from themselves under different guises, but they will surely end up entangled in the bonds of slavery rather than emancipated by the freedom of Hierarchy.

A Leader must refine a nation and heal the scabs of slavery. It is necessary to relate over and over again, beginning in childhood, about freedom of the discipline of spirit. It is always possible to awaken one's real dignity and honor. After all, a human being cannot be honest without honor. One shouldn't think that slavery could ever be approved by Hierarchy. On the contrary, the Fiery World seeks coworkers, not slaves. A heart will be measured by its degree of honor. Let us not forget that the basis of world greatness is found in everyday life.


122. It is not enough to simply read a book and memorize the ideas in it. It is necessary to understand and assimilate them. A Leader must take care that his associates and assistants will participate intelligently in the well‑balanced construction of the State. Nobody, not even administrators, should ever refuse to take part in work for the Common Good. Someone may have more ability and some less, but everybody should be ready to help in work for the Common Good.


123. It is necessary to manifest care about Hierarchy. The Hierarchy is not a stronghold of individual chiefs, but a collective of the Highest Love. Only from this love can come the respect which creates discipline. But there are not many people who love those who help them. Such is the depth of insensibility in the world.


124. If entering into a house you observe a venomous snake on the host's table, what should you do? Should you ponder what to do until the snake has killed your friend or should you destroy it immediately? We say "save your friends from evil." Don't fall into confusion, but act for good. It is impossible to balance a venomous creature against a human being. It is impossible to equalize a lower consciousness with a temple of consciousness. If we lose the ability to discriminate, then where will be our responsibility in the face of world events? To save a snake and lose a friend is not the way of a hero. A hero does not avoid his duty by seeking excuses. A hero is one who understands where is the bigger and where is the smaller. The hero judges everything by a balance of the heart. A Leader knows how to use the balance of the heart to make a fiery decision.


125. Indeed, a Leader not only speaks directly to people, but his decrees are also published in newspapers and spread widely in the media. Conversations with individuals will be incidental compared to that which is transmitted by the electronic media. All distant and out‑of‑the‑way places should be able to hear the voice of The Leader. He must show everyone that the foundations of life are a part of his nature, thus all who strive for unity and self‑perfection will resonate with the voice of The Leader. A Leader can even discuss with people such lofty subjects as the interpretation of the origins of life just by using the correct approach.


Nobody should feel that there is any kind of intermediary between himself and The Leader. The emergence of each fresh thought or creative idea or new invention should be noted immediately by the local cooperatives and sent to The Leader with lightning speed. Of course, he will also have his Hierarchical connection which will make him aware of remarkable manifestations.


126. The most powerful Avatars do not have mundane characteristics, but manifest themselves through their own creative spiritual force. One should not be surprised by the fact that strong spirits will not be acknowledged by their contemporaries. But that is how it should be, because their measures correspond to a future time when all codes and laws are resolved in the next step of life. Regardless, people will hardly ever admit that the highest achievement is in the development of one's heart. Cooperation and the unity of life are based on the development of the heart. Sadly, such a simple truth is very seldom realized. A highly technological and mechanized society verily impedes one's penetration into the Fiery World.


127. Some metals are easily blended into alloys while others resist each other. The Leader himself must be able to similarly observe the properties of good and evil. Both aspects are used to create a coherent unity, but in regards to the State, the main obstacle to unity will be the haphazard mixing of contrary origins which clash and fall apart prematurely. The Heart and Communion with Hierarchy will tell where the elements are which can be combined. All human beings need to balance the mind and the heart. Such a collaboration will be a confirmation of equilibrium. The sacred number of Pythagoras is the equilibrium of Beauty, however much of this precious axiom has been made unacceptable for contemporary society. It is a distinctly heavy task to get people to understand the concept of equilibrium.


128. Balancing competition with aspiration is a difficult matter. Only a fiery heart will understand how to choose between these two actions. The Leader must be able to determine at what point competition becomes unacceptable and begins to impede spiritual aspiration. It is pure understanding of perfection that leads to aspiration. When there are wild and uncontrollable consciousnesses together, unmoderated competition will eventually lead to mutual destruction. Envy always builds its nest next to competition and this leads to the most refined crimes. Any form of cooperation should also be balanced against the temptation to competition. It is not always easy to personally see the boundaries of reasonable competition. Even the word "competition" is inherently dangerous. It co‑exists with the concept of jealousy and thus corrupts the concept of devotion.


So, wherever it is possible, it is better to replace the concept of competition with the idea of aspiration towards self‑perfection. Many similar conceptions will thus need to be revised from their modern understanding. An honest study of the history of religions will explain the origin of many perverted ideas. It is necessary to take care that the basic language used is as clear and definitive as possible.


129. It is always possible to enrich any language with new definitions, but a senseless new sound will have no benefit. Every letter in a word transmits vibrations by its sound and these vibrations affect the centers. It would be absurd to break up a beneficial consonance without a good reason.

Also pay attention to the sounding of the ancient names of places. You will discover that the new names do not always carry the same useful vibrations. The ancient names had meanings which were meant for all time. Often, there are no modern linguistics to adequately substitute for the original source of sounds on which the names of powerful nations were founded. All the more should we take into consideration those ancient heritages which may be unknown to us, but nevertheless make our hearts resonate in unison.


130. It is instructive to observe how violently people object to the concept of a Leader while at the same time they ardently await him/her. One can observe that here is a separation of the mental and heart processes. The brain follows conventional thinking and repeats popular concepts, but the heart, even if it is weak and un‑balanced, accepts all fragments of Truth. Where the brain finds confirmation in negation, the heart, even though it may react timidly at first, will tremble with joy at the nearness of the long‑awaited appearance. People who object to construction usually have nothing better to propose. Indeed, such objectors will be the first ones to follow the Leader. They will whisper about their disagreement, but will nevertheless fulfill a decree as correctly as they can. They will accept the Hierarchy regardless of their slavish nature precisely because the concept will penetrate into their hearts. The hearts of people will indicate to them that during times of danger it is necessary to have strong leadership in order to maintain equilibrium. That's why the Leader cannot afford to let himself be confused by discordant whispers.


131. Why are there so many tests when the heart alone can create a spiritual transformation? The response to this question is simple: the heart becomes devastated if it is not consciously used in life. Tests are necessary because they improve the consciousness. When you hire servants you either trust them immediately or, because of the look in their eyes, test them. The radiance of the eyes will always reflect the nature of a warm heart, while the eyes which reflect a cold intellect have the dullness of lead. Thus, one should take every opportunity to observe the radiance of a person's eyes.


132. A Leader must clearly distinguish exactly with whom he can work. But, if a choice of co‑workers has already been made, one should not dwell on their past. Everything has already happened in the past! Dwelling on the past will impede the path to the future. Small, bygone mundane occurrences should not obstruct the urgency of forward movement. It is best to become accustomed to the rhythm of necessity because there is really no other path. A multitude of people suffer and are miserable because they are waiting for help. How can we not hasten?


133. It is necessary to distinguish strongly between contradictory and peculiar methods of work. If a left‑handed person can create something beautiful with his left hand, that does not contradict another person's beautiful creation done with his right hand. Unfortunately people can easily become slaves to conventional standards and thus unable to understand that there is value in all labor. They may even become suspicious of anything different‑‑a very nasty feeling!‑‑which has nothing in common with Fiery Cooperation. An attack of suspiciousness will make a human being feel he is lower than an animal, because while suspiciousness eats away all feeling, an animal will still have feelings. Thus can we observe a remnant of the most dark times in history. Fortunately, it can be treated by suggestion, but such a contagion should not be neglected.


134. A Leader should be able to appeal to a nation's consciousness according to the highest standards. The character of an entire country depends upon its Leader. His is the voice of possibilities. A nation will only respect an advocate of the true spiritual treasures of a country. The Leader must feel where these treasures are and discover where the enemy is most likely to attack. There is never a day when the dark forces do not try to bring destruction and many people, until it is pointed out by the Leader, do not understand where renewal lies and destruction is concealed.


135. All cruelty must be eradicated. Not only cruel actions, but also the cruelty of thought, the latter being worse than the action itself. It is necessary for a state to take measures to halt all budding cruelty from the onset of early childhood. Cruelty is the result of inhuman, stupefied and malicious thinking and such thoughts need to be eliminated. Children do not become cruel until they see an example of cruelty in action; this precisely opens the door to a torrent of dark chaos. Only a few are able to resist such a torrent of darkness because such accumulations of consciousness are rare. The Leader should not suppose that everyone is that thoughtful. On the contrary, it is necessary to institute measures at the lowest grade level. Also, we should not just repeat the great commandment "Thou Shalt not Kill," but we should think: where is there more killing, in thought or action? Unfortunately, it is necessary to begin with the concept that people's minds have become set precisely in a mode to justify killing.


136. You know yourself that the truest path is the path of friendliness. Let's recall what dangers we have passed simply by being friendly! Perhaps we do not know the limits and sizes of such dangers, but the heart testifies that, indeed, friendliness has been a help at the most difficult moments.


137. Sometimes a Leader will not be able to make an immediate decision, but he must always be ready to give his opinion about some circumstance. The Leader can do this because he can always intuit the main cause of something which occurs. Such spirit‑knowledge can be developed through a keenness of observation. The ability to distinguish the core of some circumstance and develop an understanding of what is needed is already the key to a decision. Keenness of observation is not something miraculous, it begins with a respect for all existence. The Leader must maintain such powers of observation because today's joy could turn into tomorrow's grief and vice‑versa. But it is beautiful to conceive in one's heart where is the most necessary action. Usually, a person's face will reflect the ebbs and flows of energy. It would be a bad Leader who didn't notice a wave of public depression. After all, most people are prone to see whatever forms fill their consciousness. The Leader cannot allow such transient shadows to obscure his consciousness.


138. The Nature of Objects should be among the very first subjects taught. And it should be perfectly communicated in all its reality. The continuity of ever Higher Worlds should also be expressed along with all scientific comparisons. Religion will not be in contradiction with such an exposition of the foundations of life. On the contrary, religion will help because it contains the most ancient hints. The subject of the Nature of Objects will be the beginning of the understanding of Living Ethics.


It is also necessary to perceive why honor, dignity and all other qualities of humanness are necessary. From their very early childhood children should hear about the Subtle and Fiery Worlds in preparation for a later understanding of the principles of Hierarchy and the General Good. The earlier they can be reminded about Hierarchy and other Great Truths the easier they will recall their previous knowledge from past lives. The conception of God in all its greatness will then be purified on the basis of Hierarchy. In this manner the Highest Conception will not remain abstract but will merge with all Existence. Thus it is necessary for The Leader and for government to understand by what measures the general perception of the Highest Conception should be increased. Schools should understand and use all enchanting measures to present the Foundations of Existence in all their infinite greatness.


139. The feeling of danger is a concentration of the vibration of mental stress. Many dangers surround people but just a few of them are noticed. When a Leader says "live in danger" he means that one should understand that "success comes from being aware of dangers." It is impossible to live without dangers, but it is wonderful when one can use them as steps to heroic achievement. A Leader knows that as he carries out his mission, dangers become simply motivating forces. That's why a Leader doesn't think about dangers. To think about danger itself is harmful. In thinking about dangers we enforce their vibrations and in this way we can upset our equilibrium.


The economy of forces should not be confused with fear and embarrassment. We are vigilant and prudent in seeking the best execution of our mission. But dangers cannot be allowed to be an impediment to what needs our attention. A teacher must first of all insist that his students liberate themselves from the phantoms of danger. A student should always  remember not to expend a drop of the Highest Energy uselessly. Just the thought about danger damages many of our centers and scatters our vital energy. A thought about danger affects even the quality of one's pulse, but a wish to better execute one's mission strengthens the heart. Thus, let us act forthrightly, as it is more useful for us.


140. In ancient times when someone decided to join a monastery, he was always warned that it was a difficult spiritual path. There are always those who will say that "everything is easy" and others who will warn that "everything is difficult." It is possible to say to people with fiery hearts that everything is easy, but it is better to warn people of ordinary consciousness that everything is difficult. If somebody wants to run away after being warned about difficulties, it will be proof that he is incapable of intense work. It is not a good idea to gather together useless people. The fear of work is already treason.


141. The Philosophers of Alexandria told their students: "Don't blame the world for present conditions, because it was created by great thought!" It is not Creation which is guilty, but our own judgment and actions. We are all free to contribute good as well as evil thoughts. The fact is that we can transform the most docile animal into a malicious beast. We can easily fill our consciousness with cruelty and fear. We can transmit evil with our eyes. And we can convert the most useful plant into a most deadly poisonous one.


The thought processes of ancient philosophers penetrated into the religiousness of their day. Clement of Alexandria knew how people belittled the great Creation, and today one can observe how applied evil can transform even the most gentle of creatures. Of course, every animal tamer can say how often precisely good helps him in his craft. But he also knows that different precautions, depending upon the animal's temper, also have to be used. Can such science be labeled simply an "expediency?" Instead of denouncing the World we should rather think about how malice came into it? In this manner, preventive measures can come about, not as an antidote to evil but from the force of good.


142. You already know enough to identify people who are lukewarm about everything. But what can you do if they are in high places? Half‑hearted people will creep into even the highest circles. They will act as if they are upholders of good, but they will devote themselves to spiritual moderateness. Certainly the dark forces are not subject to this defect! There is a story of how a devil met an Angel. The Luminous One said: "Your servants are bitter." But the devil replied: "True, my servants are bitter, but yours are sour and both of us should look for sweet enthusiasts." And the Angel hung his head in shame because he couldn't readily identify the sour ones because they hid behind a mask of enthusiasm. This was noticed by people a long time ago.


143. It is possible to turn to good from any path of evil. Such possibilities are most apparent when one is engaged in intense work. However, every opportunity denied will make altering one's course progressively harder. Where yesterday it might have been possible to abandon the chariot of evil, it will be impossible to return to that point today. It is necessary to remind everyone of this who still thinks that the burden of evil can be abandoned at any future moment. The substance of evil is very sticky and is overgrown with hypocritical platitudes.


144. People who are able to take on and follow the call of Great Service are called "Stones of the Heavens." In their striving they are filled with light; they perforate lower layers and contain the diamond of adamant. But it is never easy to become an adamant. For this it is necessary to become firmly established in Light in order to overcome all darkness. The Great Service knows no rest. The spirit strengthens itself in its permanence. It is necessary to always be magnanimous in the face of earthly reality. It is necessary to clothe oneself with the Light from the Hierarchy and to adopt the Subtle and Fiery Worlds as the true nature of things. It is possible not to see the sun while standing at the bottom of a well, but stars can be studied from there. The most unexpected things can happen on the path of Great Service, but an experienced Leader will not forget that every worldly loss will find compensation in the Fiery Worlds.


145. Nowhere do people think about Living Ethics. Rather they believe that their common sense is enough to serve them well for life. However, with each step of consciousness it becomes clearer that a faith which is above all traditional religious ones can actually save people. Not many people have such faith, but we will not seek for thousands where dozens are enough. Those people who follow the path of the consciousness of the Highest One are unusual.


146. The word "chorus" is usually understood to mean a consonance of voices, but it can be a chorus of energies, a chorus of hearts or a chorus of spiritual fires. Every teaching should take notice of the chorus principle which, by the way, will not conflict in the least with the principle of individuality. It is necessary to develop in oneself just such a cooperation with Hierarchy in order to magnify possibilities. Thus care about the chorus principle will bring one to exercise the fiery creative principle. People can understand that a chorus is made up of a variety of participants. The experienced Leader is accustomed to understanding how necessary it is to accommodate even the less active participants because they can bring their own originality and harmony to the chorus. The Leader rejoices at every originality because with it a new kind of fire is born within a person.

147. Let us see how nations feel about the significance of knowledge. We will take care that the manifestation of knowledge can come about by an unusual path in order to excite the imagination of humanity. Indeed, it is not an easy skill to awaken the imagination accumulated in one's previous incarnations. Only a purified consciousness, which should not be confused with a simple upward step of consciousness, will demonstrate a consistently new and tireless imagination.


148. It is necessary for all to adopt the basic law that "The Teacher gives the direction, but does not insist on all the details." Everyone has to seek and find their own manner of work. It is only dimly understood how great the law is which makes one strive for and discover one's own achievements. People have, through the years, always demanded a complicated, already‑completed formula so they don't have to think things through. How much more edifying it is to test a student by having him find a complete word after being given only the first letter. However, only a few will seek after the kind of cooperative consciousness needed for such a task. It is also well to notice how such an exercise reinforces the sense of leadership.


149. Many times philosophers have affirmed that a mass meeting of people is acceptable only when it has a moral consequence. Indeed, this truth is still new to our present time. Usually an assemblage of people ends in perversion of the most simple foundations. Let us take a look at the subtle and fiery surroundings of such crowded assemblages. Let us take a look and become horrified at how the non‑coordinated rhythms allow the lower entities to scorch and transform all fiery sendings. Just as it is difficult for a good person to make his way through a bestial crowd, so can even friendly subtle entities be thrown away like a dry leaf in a whirlwind. This will become evident when we learn about the influence of mass psychology! People will always wish to be part of a government but few will ever want to prepare their will for such a burden.


150. A Leader will not become grieved at apparent failure because he knows that even a small quantity of good can leap any abyss. He will feel every deviation from the path, but he will see it as just one more possibility to reintroduce something in a new way. Good, in the hands of a Leader, always becomes a manifestation of Light. There is no feeling that failure is possible, rather that every achievement of good is a manifestation of a new success. I advise not to count evidences of darkness, they will only bring on depression. Only The Light is the true measure‑‑as well as one's support. The Fiery World is created by Light, and thought is a product of Fire.


151. People usually don't notice changing circumstances. They don't even understand what they do themselves! A new path may have been put together a long time ago, but people nevertheless continue to rush into emptiness because they are still thinking about the former paths. It is impossible to affirm people who are immersed in the earthly reality only. The most simple and beautiful answers are avoided with silence and denied just because somewhere, sometime, a grandfather's solution worked. Try to tell them that circumstances may have changed long ago and their lukewarm consciousness will still not accept this as reality. It will take a realization of the greatness of the Fiery World to shift people towards the steps of spiritual reality!


152. It is necessary to observe how whole countries can flounder from only one wrong conception. It is impossible to excuse it by explaining that somebody didn't know about something. It is usually possible to find many proofs that such knowledge knocked at all doors, lay on all tables and was mentioned many times. It is unjust to make excuses for a lack of attention or a reluctance to engage in deep thought. All new oppressions are nothing but the result of the unconvincing behavior of a Leader. Often people will not know the reason itself, but they will feel in their heart that something unconvincing is happening. Most of all a Leader has to take care that his actions carry conviction.


153. The act of depriving people of a blessing is rooted in the ancient Patriarchy. It is not as bad as ecclesiastical damnation, which came later. Ecclesiastical damnation is certainly based on ignorance, but the most ancient act of depriving one of a blessing is related to a breach of one's link with Hierarchy. With all its consequences, a link with Hierarchy is a real blessing.

Ignorant ones will ask: "We abused the Highest many times and nevertheless we exist and no sacred fire has burned us and nothing has threatened us." At this We will lead them to a square where blind beggars creep in dirt and we will answer "See if you can recognize yourself and recall the moment when your thread to the Highest was severed and you fell into the abyss." There is no need to frighten anyone. Life is full of examples of such horrors. Remember that the loss of fire is invisible, still no one can avoid the consequences. Thus, it is possible to see how even ancient people understood the justice of law and instinctively knew that an offence against the Principles of Life was so large and terrible that its consequences could not be immediately seen.


154. A Leader should not allow his personal emotions to influence national events. It is deplorable if a nation is forced to grow dependent upon the personal joy or grief of one person. Many events have been distorted by the chaotic emotions of a leader which ended up having an adverse effect on the whole evolution of a nation. Indeed, the Leader has to demonstrate a high degree of cooperation in order to guard the creative enthusiasm of the people. Such a degree of cooperation will bring Union with the Cosmic Forces. Unfortunately such an instance has been rarely achieved in the history of nations, therefore such cooperation and confluence of cosmic forces has rarely succeeded. Only a shift of consciousness to the future will guard a Leader from being influenced by his personal feelings.


155. One shouldn't be surprised when We project a conception into space in order to saturate space with a particularly necessary thought in order to make it known. We establish Our decisions in space. Those who understand the link with Hierarchy have also to learn that world solutions always depend upon the saturation of space with their essence. It is not the earthly world which alone decides, but a whole triad of worlds. Thus, even very considered earthly plans fail because they were not accepted by the two Highest Worlds. Also, the dark forces should be informed sometimes because their cries just amplify the process of saturation. Such calls flash through all the worlds and awake new energies. Of course, those who are directly involved in such a manifestation have to be careful, because a whirlwind will be propelled around them.


156. The biggest danger of the modern era is the incongruity of consciousnesses in a nation.

While some people are high enough to contact atomic energy, others still wallow on the level of troglodytes. Such a difference produces a disturbance of currents and confounds all forward movement. It is easier to teach troglodytes than to try to talk sense to such diverse throngs. This incongruity greatly complicates the growth and expansion of consciousness at the present time.


157. It is necessary to apply new methods in everything. It is easy to see how world events are constructed around new weapons. Thus it is necessary to develop international law in order not to fall sway to old methods. You see how the events in Germany, Italy and Turkey happened in the 1930's. You see that none of this was contemplated by international law. The future path of the world is well beyond old, nationalistic laws. The future lies not in national rights, but in world justice.


158. Think about independence for a family as well as for a country. It is necessary to imagine how a family can grow spiritually in order to understand how a nation can best exist through internal cooperation. In such a manner a nation will affirm the ideal of self‑perfection.


159. Yes, yes, yes, a lot of disturbances will break out if people don't turn to Hiero‑Inspiration. Equilibrium and cooperation can be broken if the world is only understood mechanically. Just half a century ago we cared greatly about the increase of physical knowledge. Indeed, a lot was achieved in that direction, but at the same time the spiritual consciousness remained far behind the physical one. Ethics become lost among the conglomeration of formulas. Machines distract a human being from the art of thinking. Today we have had enough of robots! It is the heart which is necessary for world equilibrium as it carries the necessary salvation of humanity in its decrees. Currently a vengeful wave vibrates the earthly aura.


160. An experienced manager will always find a good purpose for even the most inefficient worker. The modern builder must also make this kind of sacrifice. True, it is especially difficult to find a useful purpose for irresponsible people and mechanical robots when the world is really in need of a higher consciousness, but it must be done.


161. Let us strive to understand what is meant by the phrase "do first what is most necessary." To be able to evaluate what is most necessary at any given time is a quality of leadership. It is necessary to know how to arrange a multitude of simultaneous demands into a mosaic of ordered planning. The fire of the heart will enlighten the path of such actions far more than any logic, reason or standard formula. It is necessary to perceive with the heart where there is a path to accomplishment without having to bring pressure on a co‑worker. The heart will indicate when one should not exert too much pressure. Such a testing of forces is called "the Wings of Justice."


162. It is a national shame when a country's teachers are destitute and impoverished. Shame on those who allow the people who teach their children to live in misery. It is not only shameful for a nation to disregard the teachers of its future generation, but it is also a sign of ignorance. Is it possible to entrust children to a dispirited person? Is it possible to forget what kind of emanation is given off by grief? Is it possible not to know that a depressed spirit will not be enthusiastic? Is it possible to consider teaching an insignificant profession? Is it possible to expect from children an enlightenment of spirit if their school is a place of humiliation and offence? Is it possible to be constructive in the presence of the grinding of teeth? Is it possible to expect the fire of the heart when the spirit is silenced? Thus I will say, and keep repeating, that a nation, by forgetting its teachers, will also forget its own future. Let us not miss a moment in thinking about our path to the future. Let us take care that a teacher be treated as the most valuable person among all the country's professions. The time is coming when the spirit will have to be educated so it can rejoice in the true cognition of life. Cosmic Fire is at the threshold!


163. It is necessary for a teacher to find joy in the continuous cognition of life. A child knows where there is the fire of life and where life is extinct. Not as an assigned lesson, but in a joint effort together with the teacher will children be able to open up miraculous worlds. To open a student's eyes is a great creation of love for both teacher and student. Who can disagree that if one is to travel a long road that the ground must be firm. A marksman will also confirm such an analogy to be true. Thus we will learn to care about everything which builds the foundation of the future. Cosmic Fire is at the threshold!


164. It was not a useless thing when ancient sages proposed to people to learn some art or handicraft. Everyone was urged to join in such handiwork. The sages knew that such work provided the means of concentration. Thus everyone in their striving to self‑perfection was taught to exert their will and focus their attention. Even on the few things which come to us from the past it is possible to discern a high quality of workmanship. Precisely now is the time to reestablish a return to quality workmanship. Machines can only go so far while the spiritual will is unlimited. It is quite necessary to fill one's working hours with the concept of the quality of workmanship. This will recreate a person's spirit and imagination. Indeed, the imagination and quality of workmanship are united at the first steps of fiery achievement. The Leader should always have in mind this counsel of the ancient sages.


Indeed, it is necessary to understand the ancient sources. When their original meanings will be explored, then new discoveries will come to us. Then it will be possible to learn a lot of new things, so we should not approach such treasures irresponsibly. Let us not dispossess ourselves of the spiritual credibility of the human evolutionary process.


165. The bitterness of unbelief floods the World. Such rancor is most fierce because it conflicts with the essence of existence itself. A lie kills all possibilities.


166. People will often ask: "What should the heirs do with the last will and testament of people who have died?" In some cases a legacy will demand something of the heir that is disagreeable. Nevertheless, one should proceed with everything except something which would do harm to another person. One should not have to accept somebody else's karma, especially as the person who has died will continue to develop along a path in the Subtle World similar to that which he had on earth. It is very difficult to change a person's direction, even more so when it continues in the Subtle World. So, the faithful execution of a person's last will and testament will help to harmonize the currents between both worlds.


167. Often a Leader can lose his charm through the most insignificant habit. Also the halo of a Leader will suddenly fade because of a lack of self‑control. He must lead by example and for this he must expound equilibrium. In this manner he will show that his reserve of psychic energy is great. But as soon as a Leader lets a bad habit get hold of him, he will be dragged down to an earthly level and become as an ordinary person. Each display of ordinariness will become a grave for all heroic possibilities.


168. In all things it is possible to observe three paths: an easy path, a difficult path and a horrible path. The first one is created by all the different combinations of useful and good actions. The second one is created when some of those actions are cloaked with harmful and damaging motives. Such a path is very difficult because it is like running blindfolded. The third path, the truly horrible one, occurs when a person's ignorance drags him into a dark, decaying abyss. In any case, people have no right to accuse others of treading the horrible path just because they may have only closed their eyes and ears. Those who actually tread such a path do so precisely because they have refused help and allowed chaos to enter their thinking. Thus, let a constructive person follow the first path.


169. Can Light enter into an alliance with darkness? Verily, It would have to extinguish Itself in order to join the opposite principle. Thus a Leader of Light should not try to conceive any idea that allows the extinguishers and enemies of Light into his camp. Light cannot increase darkness and darkness cannot increase Light. Such alliances conflict with Nature.


170. A right path is good because its dimensions are already useful. One should not even think: "where are the steps and limits of such a path?" It is possible to refine oneself at any level.


171. A diver makes preparations for the lowest depths of water. He doesn't even care about the surface level. He has to take into consideration the pressure at the lowest level. Thus, on the national level it is necessary to at least understand the lowest level of consciousness. This should never be neglected. On the contrary, it is necessary to prepare oneself by summoning one's resourcefulness. One should be able to discern a human sound even in the roar of a beast.

It is therefore necessary to have a large reserve of explanations ready in order to appeal to every level of consciousness. The most danger lies in the inability to speak on the level of the consciousness of others. Countless misfortunes have arisen from speaking the wrong word in an improper situation! Thus, be resourceful!


172. A messenger who is closely pursued will, in his haste, try to cross a river at it's widest point where he is liable to sink with his steed at the deepest spot. The chase will stop in hopes that the messenger will go under, but he nevertheless rides out onto the other bank. His pursuers will ride quickly to the narrowest place in order to cross more quickly, yet they will sink in the deep current. Truly, it is frequently more dangerous where it appears to be safest and this lesson should be applied in everything. To always seek the mirage of safety does not lead to feats of heroism. The most difficult is frequently the most accessible. People don't seem to want to understand that a persistent search will awaken strong energies. Therefore, we should not always aspire to the safest route but, when it comes to necessary action, think instead in broader terms.


173. Since ancient times it has been said that the concept of luxury has to leave humanity. Not without reason do people think this does not include them because they believe nothing can replace it. Think about it: luxury is not beauty, not spirituality, not perfection, not creativeness, not benevolence, not compassion. There is not one admirable concept to replace it. In fact, luxury is really the destruction of principles and possibilities. Luxury is, first of all, decomposition because anything constructed without a spiritual foundation will decompose. It is possible to see many examples of how mundane luxury is appalling, so it is necessary to embrace spiritual synthesis in order to correct the infection of luxury. Selfish people will reply that luxury is an earned reward. They will say that luxury is regal, but all this talk will be a slander of the concept of beauty. Luxury is and always will be a sign of decadence and the lack of spirit. Even in the Subtle World one can see evidence of the chains of luxury. There, the desire for luxury will bar one from the higher levels and one will have to learn to perfect one's thought in order to move on.


174. Never make plans that are static and immovable. Space always abounds with new conditions. If a plan is to have strong walls, it must be attached to a strong foundation, but the details should be left to grow together along with world events.


175. A wise Leader will, first of all, hear out an interlocutor and only after this will he voice his opinion. He will hear the person out not just to know the essence of his thought, but also in order to understand the psychology of the language he uses. The last condition is very important. It is not a victory when a lawmaker passes laws only he understands. It is necessary that the Fundamentals of Existence be heard by everyone according to his level of understanding. The art of mastering the psychology of an interlocutor's language lies in the constant broadening and development of one's consciousness. It is attained either through direct Hiero‑Inspiration or by a refinement of one's consciousness. There is no arrogance here. On the contrary, there is great compassion and understanding for the interlocutor. A lot of useful considerations can be lost amid a person's unique expressiveness, but a fiery eye will detect the seeds of truth.


176. To think that anything is impossible is one of the principles of darkness. It is necessary to get rid of all forms of despondency, because such a path does not lead to Truth. Regardless of our nationality, we all express both our joy and our grief in a similar manner. Therefore there is always an opening for a better understanding.


177. One must not even indirectly disrupt the principle of cooperation. One should attach to the concept of cooperation the understanding that it is a way of teaching, a way of learning leadership, a respect for other people and a respect for those who will follow after us. It is impossible, especially today, to diminish the significance of cooperation as a means of expanding the consciousness. It is necessary to come to love cooperation as a covenant of common success.


178. Generally, people cannot think about the future because they are usually under the spell of the illusions of the past. Let's imagine that a person receives unpleasant news today about something that happened a long time ago. This past event does not exist any more and this person has already lived a long time since the event happened. But he nevertheless plunges into the past and thereby loses his link to the future. You see, the tree of the future has to grow and one should not cut off such growth by plunging into the past. It is necessary for schools to pay attention to the study of the future. Every Leader will think about the future, otherwise he is not a Leader.


179. It has already been said that we must do away with blasphemy, but it is necessary to add that blasphemy can take many forms and all are unacceptable. For example, people will sometimes avoid blasphemy among their narrow circle of friends, but their tongues will blab heavy blasphemies to a neighbor. Who can judge what high energy waves can be affected by such malicious vilification? That's why blasphemy must be done away with as an unworthy and harmful action.


180. Ignoramuses suppose that the Luminous One comes to take revenge on darkness. But not even Light can kill darkness. It is closer to the truth to say that darkness decays and destroys itself when it comes close to Light. It is most essential to understand that darkness destroys itself when it approaches the Light.


A Leader should remember this when the ignoramuses start talking about revenge.

181. One Ruler, after a session of the State Council, took an earthenware vase and, in the presence of everyone there, broke it. When he was asked about the meaning of what he had done, he said, "I am reminding you about irretrievability." When we break even the most simple thing we nevertheless understand irretrievability, but how much more irretrievable are mental actions! We are accustomed to surrounding ourselves with coarse ideas and this prevents all the higher concepts from entering. If only Leaders would remind people more often about the irretrievability of mental decisions they would prevent a lot of disasters. A Leader is a living example. A Leader is a constructor of paths through all the worlds. A Leader lays down the foundation of prosperity. But there will be no prosperity in a dark circle of existence. Thus he will not be a Leader whose only knowledge of fire is that it exists at the end of a match. Spiritual Fire is always proportionate to one's understanding.


182. Those who say that there is no need for heroes expel themselves from evolution. Observe how mediocrity, unbelief and selfishness always lead to self‑destruction. Sometimes many years have to pass before such destruction is evident to anyone, but it always starts the moment Hierarchy is refused. It is impossible to imagine any spiritual advancement without Hierarchy. It is necessary to repeat over and over this simplest teaching, because people rush headlong into the abyss of their own making. The rays of one's shoulders are in agonizing pain not because of the planet's spasms, but because of the crush of humanity. Like tornados divide water into columns, so does a divided humanity become twisted. There will come a remarkable year when the human spirit will revolt. Fire can be held back only so long. It must inevitably burst through all obstacles.


183. Any abuse of the concepts of Savior, Teacher or Hero will be an example of personal recklessness and will plunge one into chaos. You may not know it but chaos is quite near. There is no need to cross an ocean for it. It is also difficult to explain that recklessness begins with the most insignificant things. When the treasure of solemnity is lost and pearls of heart knowledge are strewn about, what can remain? One can remember how the people sneered at the Great Sacrifice of Christ. The whole World was affected by this madness. You can see how it was reflected in spiritual thoughtlessness and the lowering of moral standards. This onset of spiritual thoughtlessness and irresponsibility is the worst thing of all! I say, "Even an earthquake can be a blessing if it destroys an area of spiritual corruption." Thus, we should think about this when we remember historic anniversaries!


184. One can imagine how wonderful the close association of a multitude of people is when their united hearts are striving upwards. They will not say "it's impossible" or "let's reject it." Yes, it is possible to borrow Energy from the Source and it is possible to become enlightened with the Light if only to understand that Energy and Light exist. There are people who will fall down with laughter when you tell them about Energy, Light and Cooperation, but remember that they laugh in the darkness of their own level of consciousness. Nothing is worse than ignorant laughter emanating from such darkness. Light is always available to those who strive toward it.


185. Cooperation based on personal feelings is unstable. Besides the respect for work itself, a respect for Hierarchy is also necessary. Under the whirlwind of personal feelings people, like puppets, would rush up and down in convulsions and jostle and grapple with each other. But work, by its very nature, will not tolerate convulsions. Work is a fiery action, but fire should not cause convulsions. Moreover, external personal feelings can prevent the discovering of new possibilities. How many wonderful actions suffer from transient personal mirages!


186. It is necessary to consider technocracy as a ruse of the dark forces. Many times the dark ones will rush to mechanical solutions. They hope to occupy a person's attention, if only to divert him from spiritual growth. Meanwhile, the problems of life can only be resolved through an expansion of consciousness. One can watch as mechanical hypotheses easily capture people's hopes and dreams. Such hypotheses are precisely what the ancient wisdom called Maya‑‑that which would always disintegrate upon the slightest touch.


187. It is clear that people want a change of existence. There was once a ruler who wanted to find an uncomplaining person. After a long search he finally found one, but he was mute, deaf and blind.

188. The path of joyful sacrifice is a hundred times shorter than the path of regretted duty. The committed fiery wayfarers should remember this testament! Only heroism will raise them above all dangers, thus the meaning of heroism needs to be reared in the heart as a spiritual joy. One can not become aware of the best path if the eye doesn't follow the star of heroism. It is necessary for fiery wayfarers to enlighten even the densest darkness with a united Light. If we dwell on "nothing," "no one" and "never," all will soon turn to darkness!


189. Day dreaming needs to be transformed into disciplined thinking. The ancient sages advised mothers to pass along to children their stories about heroes and acquaint them with the best songs written about their heroic actions. Is it possible now for humankind to refuse these wise testaments?


The Fiery World is opened first of all to heroes‑‑those who understand the concept of self‑sacrifice.


190. The gaze of the Leader is always directed to the future.


191. When will humanity understand what comprises the real dignity of a nation? When will humanity understand the necessity of guarding one's innermost spirit? This is essential because only the carriers of spiritual insight can direct all nations to harmonious unity. It is possible for people to deprive a nation of its strength and moral authority through destructive  thought. That's why every nation should take care first to have a fiery Helmsman, because a boat without a helm cannot endure a tempest. So, the greatest undertaking of a nation should be to establish its government based upon the Hierarchy of Light, because all positive construction needs to be saturated with the spiritual power from Above.


Thus, until the understanding of the Hierarchy of Light is firmly established in people's minds, humanity will continue to sink into the dark destructiveness of ignorance.


192. What nation can prosper without a great Leader? What government can exist without a Head of State? It is necessary to understand completely that the concept of The Leader is actually a synthesis of all strivings towards the Highest. Only the conception of a Leader being one who is overshadowed by the Hierarchy of Light can give a true direction of spirit. Thus let everybody, everybody and, again, everybody think and remember about the power of Hierarchy. Only through such understanding is it possible to advance. Only through such understanding is it possible to achieve. Let us remember that every stone hurled against the Hierarchy will become a mountain of obstacles for oneself. Thus, let everyone remember. Therefore, We declare the importance of the Leader‑Hierarchy connection.


193. Every spirit creates its own karma. Every nation builds its own karma. Of course, nations seek an enlightened Leader because a strong national heritage cannot be sustained by heads of state who are faithless and dishonest. Not gold, not popular reputations, not even heaps of seemingly satisfactory advises will save a nation. Truly, only fiery thought and the fiery spirit of The Leader will open new paths. So, let the star of the Spiritual Leader clearly shine during cosmic perturbations!


On the ruins of the Old World will the Great State of Light arise!